Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Going Desi: Pink Kola Puri From Khaadi

Kola Puri From Khaadi

Honestly, I haven't even started wearing the shoes I bought back from my trip and I've bought three pairs of shoes since I've been back. In my defence (for once) my mother told me that I should get these. She's on a kula puri kick these days and I guess her obsession was infectious.

I've never seen pink kola puri's before. Trust Khaadi to come out with the cutest pair of kola puri's- ever! I've never paid much attention to Khaadi shoes before, and I wasn't particularly drawn in by their new display (out of habit) because all I really wanted was a new kurta. After going through the kurta rack a dozen times, and failing to find something that screamed "buy me" I gave up, and I headed to my second favourite section, the jewellery display. My mother was trying their kola puri's and I headed towards her. 

By the time I started trying on their shoes I had a vision of  me walking out with the gold kola puri's, not the pink ones. I was told that the gold ones (in the style that I wanted) have been sold out for weeks at every outlet (it just wasn't my day!). I loved how the pink ones looked on my feet, but to be honest I wasn't in love with them at first.

Kola Puri From Khaadi
Now, they've grown on me and I have to admit they are soft and comfortable to walk in. I love their pinkness! The colour does make them more limiting though, because I can't wear them with everything.
These kola puri's are ideal for the hot Lahori weather. They look more chic and put together than your average flip flops. I'll be buying the gold ones when they're back in stock.

Price: Rs1700

PS. I'm wearing Luscious Salsa on my nails. 


  1. SUper cute! I am loving pastel everything atm! x x x

  2. I love the pastel pink colorr, so pretty! I was in khaadi the other day, how come I didn't see these? Lol.

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  4. where r u dear long time no post "she"