Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review: Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Brace yourselves, but this may shock some of you but I haven't used a face wash/cleanser in years. I've only used pure rose water as a cleanser and it worked fine for me. I tried using face washes but they just broke me out and I gave up on them. I recently found something that didn't break me out after using it.
Before leaving for Dubai I started using a new cream which started breaking me out. I do get the occasional pimple which fade away after a day or two, so I didn't really worry about them. I still used the same cream in Dubai and small pimples started erupting on face and there were tiny bumps on my forehead. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to worry about them, but I had a panic attack at the airport (of all the places), on the way back.
On my last night my best friend and I stayed up till 3 am and watched a movie. She woke up at 6am and we got to spend a little more time together. I had to be at the airport by 11am and I still had a lot of packing to do so I didn't go back to sleep. Fast forward a couple of hours, and I'm at the duty free standing at the make-up section (how predictable, right?). I saw my reflection at the L'Oreal counter and I freaked out. I don't have big pores, but in that moment everything I saw just alarmed me. I saw big pores, uneven skin tone; tiny bumps on the forehead and oh those pores!!! It was all too much to take in!!! For a second I even cursed myself for not buying Benefits Porefessional! I had to do something about those pores!

Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion
I turned around and I saw Clean&Clear products all lined up calling out to me with their seductive claims. I picked up the bottle nearest to me, skimmed through the claims, saw that it mentioned pores and I bought it. Yes, just like that. This is what lack of sleep and rows of beauty products does to me. It's madness! So was it all worth it? Thankfully, yes. I can't complain because I am blessed with clear, (usually) pimple free skin but I love how well the cleanser worked for me.

The first thing I noticed after using the cleanser was how smooth the texture of my skin became. The bumps on my forehead vanished after a day or two (they were bound to anyway, so I don't know if it's because of the cleanser), and there isn't a pimple on my face (touchwood).

I have oily skin, and I find that it controls excessive oiliness as well. I have been using it to remove my make-up as well, and it does a great job of erasing all the signs of make-up from my face. Now about those pores…ahem, I can tell my pores "tighten" after using it. Still, I love it most for the smooth texture of my skin rather than the tightening of the pores.

What I don't like about it is the strong medicine/alcohol-ish smell. The scent is a little unpleasant and if used around the eye area there may be some mild stinging.
I'm not saying it's a miracle product, but it definitely livess up to all its claims. It is great for people with oily/combination skin, like me.

Let me know if you're planning on trying this.


  1. I was going to try it up until you mentioned the thing about the smell. I cannot stand products that smell bad.

  2. This sounds amazing! I will def pick it up, great review

  3. great review i am fascinated because i have oily skin and always have skin issues...

    MashaAllah you have pretty skin

  4. I want to know if i can apply an SPF moisturizer after cleansing my face with this?

    1. Yes, ofcourse. You can apply any cream you like. Don't use this cleanser as a lotion though. As it's mentioned in the picture, use cotton ball and wipe your face with this cleanser. Afterwards you can rinse it if you want, or just let it dry.

  5. This sounds incredible! I just bought a Ponds pore something face wash and I'm cusious to try it out xx
    And I LOL-ed at the part about benefit porefessional! ;D

  6. I didn't have any such plans. But after your review I am tempted. ;)

  7. I am SO getting this today!! it looks like a toner & face wash combined! love.

  8. sounds great will def give it a try .. do try Porefessional its amazing ...

  9. I love this stuff.. even i break out whenever I use face wash. I loved your blog..following you :)