Friday, 30 March 2012

Hot Trend Alert: Hot Pink Lips For Spring

Make-up trends don't usually influence what products I buy or how I do my make-up each season. However with all the blogs I read and beauty videos I watch it's hard not to be aware of the big beauty trends. Sometimes I discover a trend and think there is no way I'm going to try that. Then it keeps popping everywhere and I can't help be drawn to it. After seeing it a few times it does not look as scary as it initially did. Does that happen to you as well?

(One of) The trends I was planning on skipping this year was the bright, hot pink lips. It's completely out of my comfort zone. I love my light pink lipsticks and sheer glosses, hot pink lips just didn't seem something I would try. The trend has started to grow on me though. I've seen so many celebs (Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, Beyonce) and beauty guru's (missglamourazzi) sporting this look and I feel I can muster up the courage to inflame my lips with a little hot pink colour.

Lauren Conrad, Mahira Khan, Kate Bosworth, Alexis Bledel

This look was all over fashion week and the models were seen with minimum make-up with a pop of bright  colour on the lips. Ideally, It'll look great with a bold eye liner, peachy and peach pink cheeks. You can also skip the eye liner and go heavy on the mascara instead (like me).

Here are some lipsticks you can try to achieve this look

Luscious Cosmetic Signature Lipstick in- #16 Raspberry  (The one Mahira Khan is wearing in the adds)
Luscious Cosmetics Lip Couture in- Paparazzi
Loreal Caresse Lipstick In- Cheeky Magenta (They're releasing in Pakistan very soon. Review coming soon)
Revlon Lip Butter In- Lollipop
Maybelline #140 Fuchsia Fever 

Dior Addict Lipstick In- Diorkiss (personal favourite
Nars lipstick in-Schiap 

This one of the biggest/hottest trends for spring. Are you going to try this look? I for one am going to take a plunge and rock bold pink lips this spring. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Diary Of A Traumatised Sana/Safinaz Fanatic

I just came back a while ago from the Sana/Safinaz exhibition. I usually go with my sister who does all the pushing and shoving. Me, I'm not like that at all. Today she had university and couldn't go to the exhibition with me. I wanted to get there early because I know from experience that they sell out fast.

Before I dropped her off, we stopped by Saleem Fabrics and it was closed. Half an hour later, when I came back after dropping her, the place was full and the suits had already started selling out. The one I wanted (2a) had sold out. I stood there amongst all the aunties- lost!!

This year they had the stupidest system. You had to get sales person, fill out the card they were giving out  (basically tick the ones you wanted) and they got it to for you. They had to stand amongst all the other sale guys and shout their heads off till the person at the other end gave them the suits. Then, they had to escort the women downstairs and make the bill. There were more women than the sales people. It was horrible. (this is why I like my ready made suits).

For half an hour I tried to shout and push and do all those things that I should have done. Finally, I gave up and went outside to get my driver. I am embarrassed to say that my driver did the job better than I did. Obviously, he didn't push or scream but he managed to get a hold of a sales guy and get the ball rolling. We had to stay there for another half hour but we managed to get 2 suits (one for me and my cousin). In an hours time most of the suits were sold out.

I didn't get the one I wanted though. I wanted either of the two pinks (2a or 12a), but thankfully I managed to get 12b which is just as pretty. Honestly, I would have just left if I hadn't promised my cousin I'd get one for her.

When I got home my sister called me and was surprised that I managed to buy two suits on my own. I wish they'd had a better system, but mostly I wish aunties would calm down and stop acting as if it would be the end of the world if they didn't get hands on another lawn suit (you can bet good money they went to all the designer exhibitions).

The pictures I took do not do justice to the craziness.
 (the suits on display are not Sana/Safinaz)

Did you go to any of the 'designer lawn' exhibitions this year? Do you even bother going? I just attended this one, and don't plan on any other till next year! 

Friday, 23 March 2012

NOTD: Ombre Nails

I was going through my nail polishes today and I realized that I had a lot of colours in different shades. I had enough pinks, purples and oranges to do ombre nails. I decided to do purples ombre nails first. Apparently I am all about the purples these days, because my last two NOTD have also been purples. Oh, well another one won't hurt. 

Ombre nails were very trendy last year. Lauren Conrad was pictured sporting them a couple of times on the red carpet. You can see her attempts here

I used these five nail polishes which I've had forever. Out of the five the 17 one is my favourite. It's such a pretty, pinky lilac.This is the sequence I've used them in.

Left to right- Barry M Limited Edtion 024, Barry M Berry Ice Cream, 17 Nail Polish in  Sweet Kisses

Rimmel Purple Reign, Asda Nail Polish in Lilac 28 

Normally, with ombre nails you paint your pinky the darkest and subsequently paint the next nail a shade lighter. Today I decided to paint it the lightest (honestly, I forgot and I thought the pinky was supposed to be the lightest. We're going to pretend that I did it on purpose). Ombre nails are still very trendy this year as well. They're perfect for spring, because they show the transition from winter to spring/summer.

Have you tried this trend?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

GiveAway: O.P.I, Bourjois & Lipcote

I'm finally doing a give away! Better late than never, right?

The prizes are

 O.P.I set of your choice from these four

                                                         Bourjois Clubbing Waterproof Pencil

This is my favourite waterproof pencil. I've repurchased this twice because I love it so much. This can give the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils a run for their money.

and Lipcote. This makes your lipstick stay on for hours. I love it.

I am also throwing in a surprise Luscious Cosmetics product as well.

The give away is open internationally, and will end on 22nd April. 
You have to make sure you're following me through  GFC (google friend connect) to enter this give away. (It's the "FOLLOW" (join this site) button on the top left side (underneath the favourite product of the week.)
Good Luck:)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 

I bought the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer after reading a blog post about it on Sara Hassan's Blog. I'd just had a bad experience with the Lucious concealer, and I hoped this one would work better for me. Thankfully, I did not have to go rushing to the store again like I did last time

It is the best concealer I have used so far, and the cheapest one as well (that's always a plus point).There are only three shades to choose from, but that is because the concealer adapts to your skin color, hence the name Match Perfection.This concealer manages to cover and high light the under eye area beautifully. It brightens the under eye area, and makes me look like I've had a good nights sleep on days when I haven't. I do notice the purple tones peaking through the concealer sometimes, but it's just a teensy bit. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer  

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer  

The texture is quite thick and I don't have to make an effort to blend it in. I have used both a concealer brush and my fingers for blending it, and I find that it blends better with the a concealer brush. I personally don't like using it with the brush tip it comes with. 
I  don't need to set it with powder, because on the days when I have, it looked a little powdery (so I've been told). That is when I stopped setting it. Not setting it did not effect it's longevity though, for me it still lasts an entire day. The weather has been getting warmer and I've had no problem with it melting or creasing.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer  

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer  

To be honest, I don't have a problematic skin and I haven't had a chance to use it to cover any blemishes. It can be used to cover redness around the nose, and tiny spots/blemishes. I think it is designed to cover the under eye rather than spots because it is a high lighting concealer.

I've used it for a month and a half now, and I'm half way through it. A little goes a long way when it comes to this concealer, but I still wish the tube was bigger or had more product in it. Also, with the brush tip it can get a little messy. Sometimes a lot of the product squirts through and it not only makes the top half of the tube  all goopy and messy but it makes the inside of the cap messy as well.

Without concealer:
I didn't realize the sun was behind me. Despite the scary picture you can tell I have crazy dark circles.

 With concealer:
This picture isn't that great either, but you get the point, right?
I'm glad I found a concealer that I love and I shall definitely be purchasing this again. Have you tried this concealer?

Price: Rs575 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Big Splurge: Collective Haul

I have been guilty of shopping these days. Shopping a lot! I went out with my friend Aroosa and got a few things that had been on my wishlist. At the same time I had ordered a couple of more things from as well. Yesterday, I went out with Anum and made a tiny little purchase again.

I bought these from the Accessorize sale. For Rs195 these were a steal

 Don't judge me, I love quirky earrings. 
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

This is my favorite purchase from Accessorize. I love the bag! The picture does not do it justice. It's pink (yes, the prettiest of pinks). It can be buttoned down from the sides to look like this 

Or a tote bag
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

I highly recommend everyone to check out the Chocomania stuff from The Body Shop. It smells SO good. Just like real chocolate!!!! I've used this scrub and I really,really like it. Yes, it's something I shall be repurchasing. The Chocomania lip butter is really cute too. 
Smells heavenly

Two weeks ago my friend Anum and I got manicure/pedicures. I chose the deep red one for my toes and I fell in love with it. It's called I'm Not Really A Waitress and it's a metallic red shimmery color. It looks gorgeous on the toes. I was intially planning on buy it next month. Then had Rs 100 off on O.P.I polishes and I ended up buying Lincoln Park After Dark as well. (btw has a larger selection of O.P.I nail colors than the local stores who carry them)

My hair had been misbehaving for weeks. It was dry and limp and curl-less. I tried two conditioners hoping my hair would get better and it didn't. It only looked good on days when I oiled (??) it the night before. I  bought the Aussie conditioner from, and I love it. 
I was disappointed at the size of the bottle though. With what I paid I thought the bottle was going to be bigger. Still, I'm also going to be repurchasing this when the times comes. It's worth it. 

Anum and I went out for lunch yesterday and then later stopped at Al-Fatah (Defence). I got so excited when  I saw they had Lipcote! It's been on my wishlist forever. For Rs300 I didn't think it was a bad purchase. Anum bought two O.P.I's nail polishes. I restrained from buying more, even though I liked a shocking pink one. 

*sigh* No more hauls till next month. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD: Lincoln Park After Dark By O.P.I

I bought the LitesDarks mini set only because of Lincoln Park After Dark. I hadn't seen this individually at the stores or at I've read so many blog posts and seen so many video's where this cult favorite would pop up. I really love dark nail colors!
 I am some one who frequently wears black (and often get asked by my 6 year old baby cousin why I choose to wear such a 'horrible color' on my nails. haha!), and this was right up ally.

O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark
Is it worth the hype? I don't know about anyone else, but I love it. One coat is a very deep plum-ish purple. The second coat takes this hybrid in it to the dark(er) side. In my opinion it looks very vampy, which I adore. Even though winter is gone, I know I am going to wear it all summer long. 
O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark
The mini bottles are so tiny!

The longevity of the O.P.I nail polishes is amazing! It is rare that a nail polish lasts more than two or three days on my nails without chipping (Barry M is an exception). Yes, it is a curse because I'm too lazy to change/remove them so soon after application. I've used two other O.P.I's including this one, and they've both lasted on my nails for at least a week. However Lincoln Park After Dark started chipping sooner compared to the other two I've used. I don't use any base or top coat. Like I said, I'm lazy. Also, it dries really quickly as well!

The only reason I have to think twice about buying O.P.I (okay, it's more of a deliberation going back and forth quite a few times) is the price
I've loved this one so much, that I have now ordered a full size. now stocks them individually.  *sigh* In my defence O.P.I is well worth the investment despite the hefty price tag (Rs850), but their color selection is endless and the quality is amazing.  

Have you tried O.P.I yet? If so which one is your favorite. 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Khaadi Lawn, Accessorize & Gloria Jeans With Aroosa

Finally, I got to spend a day with one of my best friends. Aroosa & I had lunch at Espresso ( a change from CTC (Coffee, Tea & Company), our usual haunt. Later, we stopped at Xinua Mall and Zaka where we did some window shopping. Our get together would have been  incomplete if we hadn't stopped at Mall Of Lahore. We can spend all day there if we had to. Aroosa, wanted to check the new Khaadi lawn, and I wanted to go to Accessorize and The Body Shop. 

First stop at the mall, Gloria Jeans. 
Click To Enlarge

(I was the crazy lady with the camera who made everyone pose :p )
With the start of Spring/Summer Lahore is flooded with lawn exhibitions.Today was the day Khaadi released their new lawn! Obviously the place was jam packed. It wasn't as bad as the Sana Safinaz exhibitions though. I didn't buy anything, although I did like some of the suits. I am saving up for the Elan and Sana Safinaz lawn. Aroosa ended up buying a suit. 

(In the picture's she's standing with her nieces)

The prices are so good! Some of the three piece suits are being sold for RS2800! These are going to be available all season. I might end up buying one suit next month.

She bought this one (it's the one on the catalogue cover ). It's a three piece suit with a chiffon duppata and it's for Rs2800. 

We then headed off to Accessorize 

How cute are these necklaces? No, sadly I didn't buy them (although I love the mustache one. hahaha!). I bought a bag and a pair of earrings which I shall show in my next post. (haul)

OMG!!!!! Have you seen the Chocomania line at The Body Shop???!!!! It smells (and looks) SO good! I bought a body scrub, which looks good enough to eat.

 I love the print and the bright colored paisleys on the kurta. 

Aroosa and I are both wearing Kurta's from Khaadi and tights from Sarah's. Her peep toes are from Walkie's (in Defence) and mine are from Zara. (My kurta (shirt) is still available at Khaadi)

On the face: 
Sun block
Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder
Benefit Hervana
Benefit High Beam
Benefit 10
Benefit They're Real Mascara
MAC Right Image Lip Glass 

Bag (really old) and bangles from Accessorize. Creme Brulee from Gloria <3

Lahore street art <3

What did you guys do today? Are you looking forward to any specific lawn?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Tiny (Literally) Haul From

My order from arrived today! 

Honestly, I've been silently stalking this site for months. I've never placed an order before because I thought (and still do) that some of the things are over priced. However, one should not forget they're providing all these amazing things (over the months they have increased their list of enticing products) in the first place.

O.P.I's Lincoln Park After Dark has been on my wishlist for ages. I haven't seen it at the stores, and it wasn't individually available at either. When I saw it in this mini set I jumped at the chance, and ordered it at once. has won me over because the entire ordering process was so easy! I love that they're offering cash on delivery (among other payment methods)! I ordered the nail polishes on Saturday, and I promised myself I'd restrain from ordering anything else for at-least a couple of weeks.That promise was easily broken, because the very next day (Sunday) I ordered the Eco Tools brush set, which is now sold out.

I got a call from them yesterday (Monday) confirming my order, and the things arrived today. I love their fast service.

Love the pink-ness 

O.P.I Lites Darks mini set & Eco Tools Limited Collection Kabuki set

These brushes are all I need. I can't wait to use the contour and concealer brush. I was happy to see this brush set on Pandoras Boxs: 'Things I'm Loving List'.

Everything is so tiny, but I love it all. The brushes are super soft, and look at the cute designs <3. Linkin Park After Dark is everything I thought it would be. I adore it. Even though it's spring (we're going to be catapulted in to summer in no time :( ), I'm going to wear this dark shade as much as I can. It's the perfect hybrid between purple and black. 

I think is probably going to be my new addiction (*sigh* for my wallets sake I hope not). It was so easy placing the order and the delivery was fast as well. I have loved my shopping experience with this site! Have you ordered from them yet? If so, how was your experience?

PS. I got a little complimentary key chain