Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: Luscious Studio Secret Concealer

Can you believe I didn't own a concealer till a few days ago? I thought it was time to invest in one after looking at a few recent pictures. I have horrible sleep timings! Well, okay I don't have any timings and thus my dark circles are a clear tell tale sign.

I bought the Luscious Studio Secret Concealer. Well, the name pretty much suggests that your dark circles won't be screaming out the truth so blatantly. Luscious cosmetics have pretty much always been a hit with me. I thought since Luscious products are made specially for our skin tones and weather, this had to be better than Rimmel. I should have followed my heart and not my head (okay, that hasn't been going so great for me either, but oh well) and gotten the Rimmel concealer instead which was less expensive. The Luscious concealer is for Rs775 and now it feels like a splurge compared to Rimmels Rs 575.

 The Luscious Studio Secret Concealer comes in a pen, which reminds me of the YSL Touche Éclat that everyone on Youtube keeps raving about. The packaging isn't as flashy though. The Luscious brightening concealer has a brush applicator, which is surprisingly soft (and got me really excited this concealer was going to be great). The texture is creamy and blends well. However it does not do a great job at concealing under eye circles. I thought I was being paranoid and asked around and all the (some quite irritated) answers I got were 'can't tell a difference', or 'dark circles don't look as bad as they were, but they aren't concealed either'.

Luscious Studio Secret Instant Brightening Concealer in Light Beige 
So there I was concealer-less again. I gave it another try and watched the progress with intent. Here is my report.

  • It does not cover dark circles well (I had to use a ton of it)
  • Does have brightening effect
  • Starts fading within an hour or so
  • It settles in to the fine lines a little 
  • Works better on blemishes and dark spots
  • Easy Application
  • Blends well
  • Not worth the price
This concealer does not live up to it's claim for me, but it can be useful for evening out the skin tone on the eye lids. If you're someone who does not have any under eye circles and just want a bit of a boost this will be great for you. It can also work on minor blemishes and redness around the nose.
    So in order to fulfill the dream of concealing my dark circles I rushed to Jalal Sons (hey, don't judge me, it was a beauty emergency), my local grocery store and bought myself the Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighter and Concealer. I will let you know how the Rimmel one turns out. 

    Have you tried the Luscious Studio Secret Concealer, and does it work for you?


    1. honest review... keep it up

    2. I totally agree with you I have HORRIBLE dark circles it didn't work for me :(

    3. I tested this concealer and i think the formula is too thin thats why it doesn't conceal effectively.I am always on a haunt of a perfect concealer:(

      1. Well, I hope the Rimmel concealer works better than this one.

    4. Aww bad luck...try concealing spots with it.

      1. Yes, that is what I'm going to use it for now

    5. Guess I'm the lucky one it did work for :) I bought a shade two shades lighter than my foundation and then patted it on top of the foundation with my fingertips. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the review.

      1. You layered it over foundation? Did it work on days when you didn't use it over foundation. Lucky you!!! <3

    6. indeed worst concealr ive ever used..