Sunday, 31 July 2011

How To: Nicole Richie's Flirty French-to-Fishtail Braids

No one can rock boho-chic better than Nicole Richie! I'm always trying to in-cooperate her style in to my own, with fringed bags, loose flowy clothes, wavy/ beachy hair and  light make-up. Sadly, that is as far as I can go. Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie are the two celebs whose style I adore. If I had to choose, I'd lean a little more towards Nicole, because her look is a little more effortless.

She attended Ella Moss's 10-year anniversary celebration and look stunning. I'm in love with her entire outfit. I love the sleeves on her maxi dress.  She always wears the coolest-looking braids, and at the event, she showed off yet another impressive, plaited look. What makes Nicole's textured version so hip is that it starts out as French braids at the top and flows down into fishtails toward the ends. 

I YouTubed her braid and learnt how to do it. If you want re-create her hair style, here's a quick and simple way to do it. 

  • Start by applying a mattifying, texture-enhancing cream, I just use my Toni&Guy anti-frizz or L'oreal Studio Line Curl Power Mousse to damp strands. Blow-dry the hair with your fingers for a tousled effect.

    • After parting hair down the middle, French braid one side beginning about an inch-and-a-half down the part. (You could create a single side braid.)

      • Once you've French-braided the hair about an inch or two past the ear, now start your fishtail braid (you can learn how to make one here). Repeat on the other side of the part. Tip: to keep the style looking perfectly imperfect, you can always alternate the thickness of the strands woven into the braids.

      FYI: Designers have been obsessed with this hair style as well. It's been a staple at the Resort 2011 Fashion Shows.

      Do you love Bohemian style as much as I do? Is this braid something you're going to try out?


      Saturday, 30 July 2011

      The Vampire Diaries: At the Comic-Con+ Season 3 Sneak Peak ♥

      The cast of the Vampire Diaries attended the Comic-Con recently.  While Paul walked with his wife Torrey DeVitto (Melissa, in Pretty Little Liars)real life couple Nina and Ian walked the black carpet solo. Later they checked out Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con Celebration.

      Check out a shirtless Ian Somerhalder in a teaser for the third season The Vampire Diaries! The clip premiered at the show’s Comic-Con panel earlier this month following a sizzle reel recapping the second season. In the scene, Elena (Nina Dobrev) walks in a room and is surprised by Damon (Somerhalder), who is apparently nude and covered in bubbles from a bath!

      The third season of The Vampire Diaries premieres on September 15 at 8/7c.
      Check out the sizzle reel and season three teaser below…

      Are you counting down the days till the return of The Vampire Diaries? I am! I'm hoping Damon and Elena get together this season!!


      Thursday, 28 July 2011

      Pakistani Style: Fashion Forecast

      While I was at Generation the other day, one of the workers kindly offered to give me a little heads-up on the fashion changes that are about to occur. Brace your selves, the shalwar is coming back in fashion! I don't even remember the last time I wore a shalwar? This season the shalwar is going to have a khula (loose) paincha. I actually like the khula paincha look. The Churidaars/thung pajama's are going to be even more trendy during fall/winter. I love the churidaar, it looks classic, elegant and ethnic. It's one of those key pieces that can be worn, whether its 'in' fashion or not.

      I've been hearing about this since last December/January, and now I guess it's finally happening. It was bound to happen. *Sigh*, the shirts are getting shorter! They're still going to be below the knee, but definitely shorter than we've all been wearing them these last few years. Trousers/flappers are going out of style! My heart has broken about three times by now. Ha!ha! I LOVE trousers/flappers, I can't bear to say good bye to them yet! Can you?

      Frocks are still 'in' and so are shirts with chotay (small) chaakh! (Thank God!!!)

      *Please note: when standing the length of the frock will be shorter 

      How do you feel about all this? Are you excited or dreading it?


      Review: Luscious Bold Metallic Eye Liner In Rockstar

      I'm constantly on the hunt for good eye pencils and kajals because I can never find one that stays on my water line for more than ten minutes. I'm not exaggerating, after ten minutes I start looking like a raccoon. I hardly ever wear eye pencil on my water line because it's just pointless for me. There have been times recently when I've given in to the temptation to wear an eye pencil, poor Aroosa has to keep wiping of the access with a cotton swab.

      A few weeks ago, I bought the Luscious Bold Metallic Waterproof Eye liner in Rockstar. This is what Luscious says about their Bold Metallic eye liners, 'a waterproofsmudge-prooffade-proof formula that glides on for a long-lasting finish. At last, an eye-liner pencil that keeps its promises!' After purchasing it, I swatched it on my hand for my sister while we were still in the car. I rubbed my finger over the swatched area to check if it was actually smudge proof. I was so disappointed when it not only smudged but disappeared within seconds. After my initial disappointment, I decided to try it out nonetheless. 

      After using it almost every day for weeks, I can honestly say I love it. It lasts forever, and it does not budge from the waterline. It does get a little lighter, but I think I'm the only one who actually notices that.

      It did not apply as softly as I would have liked. I had to rub it on the back of my hands to soften it up. Since then I've sharpened it once, and now it applies like a dream. It goes on really black, with a hint of silver shimmer to it. The shimmer does transfer on to your waterline, and it looks gorgeous.

      I've rubbed my eyes while wearing this eye liner and it did not smudge or give me raccoon eyes. Just to check if it was actually water proof, I swatched the eye liner on the back of my hand and held it under running water. It did NOT smear, smudge or fade. It works really well in this hot and humid weather. Trust me, if it can work for me, it can work on anyone. My sisters have already started stealing borrowing it.

      Luscious, has done an amazing job with these eye liners. They're available in eight dazzling shades in all leading stores nationwide. They're for RS 245, which is pretty cheap considering you're getting a really good product. I can't wait to get my hands on Metallic Purple and Aque Blue <3!

      Is this something you're excited to try out? Do you have the same problem I do?


      Tuesday, 26 July 2011

      Style Crush- Miranda Kerr

      This weeks style crush has to be Miranda Kerr! Can you believe she gave birth to her son Flynn, six months ago? I guess being flawless is something supermodels are just born with! I'm crushing on her entire ensemble, from her make-up to her outfit. Miranda, has been wearing a lot of wrap dresses lately, and this one is definitely one of my favourites. The dress looks great paired with the Dior leather belt. A timeless brown leather belt is an accessory staple, as the addition of one makes a dressier look feel a bit more casual. She looks très chic!

      I love the pink cheeks and bright lips, they compliment her outfit perfectly.It honestly looks as if the world is her run way!

      What do you guys think of her entire look? Is it a hit or a miss?


      Monday, 25 July 2011

      MAC & Sephora Haul ♥♥

      My things are finally here!!

      Two of my best friends made this combined effort and fulfilled my never ending make-up wish list. It took me forever to decide what I want, a lot of research went in to it (ha!ha!) and then a long wait because my friend Rabia kept extending her trip to America. Everything is finally, finally heeerreeeeee!!!!!!

      It took me a while to save up for this haul, but now that its here it was all so worth it !

      Here's what I got

      Sunday, 24 July 2011

      Nail Polish Of The Day: 17 Lasting Fix Polsih In Orange Soda

      I'm obsessed with bright nail colours these days. I have 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Orange Soda on my nails today. It's such a pretty florescent bright orange.

      I'm sure everyone is aware that 17 nail polishes are great. Although not the longest lasting or most chip resistant they are awesome for a budget burst of bright colour. Even though 'bolt from the blue' is a little hard to apply, this particular nail polish applied like a dream. I don't know if it has something to do with the formula, because this is lasting fix and 'bolt from the blue' is a fast finish.

      Its a perfect almost a neon, pastel orange, which is ideal for summer. I have just one coat on my nails- today was one of those lazy days :)

      Are you a girl who loves a bright pop of colour on her nails?


      Friday, 22 July 2011

      Hot Trend Alert: Ombre Nails

      Ombre Nails are just as popular as the two toned nail trend. They have been on InStyle magazines three must have manicures since late last year. Honestly, this is one of the trends I tried to resist for a bit, but then I saw Lauren Conrad (I  her)  sporting it (again) during a recent event she attended. Does Lauren Conrad ever commit a fashion crime? No, never!

      She was first spotted with Ombre nails at the 'Who What Wear' book party a few months ago.

      Lauren sported blue toned Ombre nails at a Rebecca Minkoff party. The manicure she sported at the party is the exact copy of the manicure that was shown in InStyle magazine. The blue shades perfectly compliment the baby-blue high lights in her hair. (which I obviously adore) 

      Picture from InStyle

      It's a chic, fun manicure, that is definitely worth a try. To re-create her style, simply paint your pinky the darkest color, applying a polish in a gradually lighter tone for each of the subsequent nails. All you need are two shades to create your own custom ombre sensation.

      Personally, I love trying nail trends, (Lauren Conrad sporting it, doesn't have anything to do with it. Haha! ;p) so I'm excited to try it. Are you?


      Tuesday, 19 July 2011

      Things I ♥ At The Moment

      Here are a few things I've been loving/obsessing over at the moment.

      I love cuff bangles. I saw this particular one online on the Accessorize site and knew right there and then that I  needed it. I managed to get my hands on the last one, they were all sold out otherwise. I get so many compliments when ever I wear it :)!

      The elephants carvings give it such an ethnic touch, which I adore.

      I bought these the same day I bought the cuff bangle from Accessorize. I'm not a flip flop kind of person, but I fell in love the minute I saw these. The prettiest flip flops ever!

      I'm obsessed with this nail colour! Need I say more?

      I've been obsessing about this all summer long and I finally have it!!! Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs is my favourite summer perfume. First of all, how cute is the bottle?!! Trust me, it does justice to the fragrance, it's not just a pretty bottle. It's just a perfect light every day fragrance.

      It has notes of : Natural Raspberry, Grapefruit, Pear, Violet, Wild Rose, Apple Blossom, Musks, and Cedarwood, Plum.
      Smells like summer in a bottle 

      If you live in Lahore, I suggest you try Jalal Sons chocolate fudge cookies. They're like CTC's but better (yes!!)! These cookies have huge chunks of chocolate chips and nuts in them. The best thing about them is that they're super cheap, you can buy a handful of these in the same price you buy one from CTC! They're definitely my guilty pleasure <3!

      This is the only Pakistani drama I've been watching lately. My sister loves it and I got addicted to it because of her. There are aspects to the story line which are extremely relate-able.

      I can't get enough of Pretty Little Liars!!! Who IS A????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Let me know what you're loving at the moment.


      Make-Up Envy- Emma Watson

      Emma Watson looked stunning at all the Harry Potter premieres, but her make-up at the New York premiere  especially stood out. I didn't love her gown as much as I loved her make-up. Dare I say, it's bewitching? Ha!Ha!

      Despite being beautiful and having access to amazing clothes and make-up, I think what makes her stand out is that she oozes self confidence. That's what I've noticed whenever I see her pictures. She doesn't look vain, she's just sure of herself. Personally, I think that's more important than anything else. She's an excellent role model.

      Sam, from Pixiwoo did a Emma Watson make-up tutorial recently. It looks so good.

      What do you think of her make-up? Do you think it looks good on her?

      Sunday, 17 July 2011

      Celebrity Obsession: First Picture Of Harper Seven Beckham

      We finally get a glimpse of Harper Seven Beckham! She's the only celebrity baby I was excited about. Harper is going to be the most stylish baby ever!!!!! Move over Suri Cruise we have a new (baby) fashionista in town.

      Victoria Beckham just posted this picture of her new baby girl, captioned "daddy's little girl". He looks totally enamoured by his baby girl. David put his mother-daughter shot on his facebook page.

      According to People, their daughter's first name, Harper, is an old English name that Victoria has always been a fan of. As for Seven, that one's a bit more complicated than you may think. Not only is 7 David's Manchester United and England jersey number, it's also a very spiritual number. In addition, Harper was born in the 7th hour of the day on the 7th day of the week and the 7th month of the year!

      What are your thoughts on her name, Harper Seven Beckham?

      Saturday, 16 July 2011

      Nail Polish Of The Day: Barry M Nail Paint In Lemon Ice Cream & Mint Green

      I've been wanting to try the two toned nail trend  forever-and finally today I did. Yellow nail polish is all I can think about these days and today was no exception, but it took me a while to decide on the colour combination. I finally decided on this one :)!

      I applied two coats of both nail polishes.

      What do you think of these two together? I would love to know if you have any great colour combinations in mind, I would love to try them. :)


      Thursday, 14 July 2011

      New Music: Cobra Starship Ft Sabi- You Make Me Feel

      I know it's a little too soon to do another 'new music' post, but I'm in love with this song. I can't get it out of my head :)!


      New Music: Demi Lovato-Skyscraper

      The new video for Demi Lovato's much awaited single is here. There has been so much hype surrounding this song and video these last few days, that it made me wonder if the song would actually live up to all the expectations. Demi has been through a lot this past year, going through treatment for an eating disorder and depression (along with a very public break-up with Joe Jonas).

      I love the song! It's about having the strength to rise up to all the challenges in life . Skyscraper is a song that everyone can relate to. Who doesn't have people in their lives who are always trying to bring them down?

      What do you think of the song and the video?


      Tuesday, 12 July 2011

      Style Crush- Blake Lively

      Blake Lively is my style-crush of this week. She attended the Bafta Brits To Watch event in Los Angeles, California. It was held in the honour of the Prince William and Kate Middleton. I'm in love with Blake's Marchesa dress!

      In my (humble) opinion, Blake did justice to this enchanting dress. I love her make-up look as well. She looks nothing short of magical. Serena Van Der Woodsen would be proud.

      Her dress reminded me of an Elan (a Pakistani design house) dress I saw at a wedding last December. Khadija Shah (the designer), is a genius! Her clothes are always breathtakingly beautiful and sadly can not be copied. Even the simplest design leaves the kaam wala baffled.

      What do you think of her look?


      Pakistani Style: Khaadi

      Out of all the boutique's Khaadi is my favourite! Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with it. This summer Khaadi has been coming out with great kurta's, and I've been stocking up on them like crazy (much to my mothers dismay)! Here are my two latest finds.

      click to enlarge

      I've been eyeing this blue one for ever!!! It's a three piece suit, which obviously makes it a little pricey. I bought a kurta recently which I ended up returning, and I exchanged that kurta with this three piece. I had to pay a little extra, but honestly I think its worth the investment. The kurta comes with a trouser and chiffon duppata!

      I love the colour combination and the print. I can't wait to wear this with my blue gladiator sandals and feather earrings. 

      I bought this one on sale. For those of you who don't know, Khaadi always has a discount section that is worth checking out. You never know you might get your hands on some really great things. They have both stitched and unhitched things on discount. 

      This black and white one is just a simple kurta. Other than the fact that it doesn't have any chaakh's (openings on the side), it has a very simple style. It's plain all over and has thread work kaam on the sleeves. It'll look great paired with a churidaar!

      PS. For reference both of them are Khaadi size 10.

      Do you have a soft spot for Khaadi as well? I would love to know if you've found some great kurta's or un-stitched suits at Khaadi!


      Monday, 11 July 2011

      Review: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick In 11 Rose Retabli

      11 Rose retabli

      I've had Bourjois Docteur Glamour lipstick in 11 Rose retabli for over a year now, and its definitely one of my go-to lipsticks. It's supposed to be an intensive moisturising lipstick, even though it doesn't do much in the moisturising department for me, the colour more than makes up for it. Rose Retabli is a creamy pigmented peachy pink shade that’s super glossy and glides on effortlessly giving an ultra shiny, radiant colour. It's the perfect warm toned pink which will look good on any skin tone. 

      Is it extremely moisturising? No, it's not, but on the other hand its not drying either. It does feel very smooth and light weight on the lips though and it glides on like a dream because of its balmy texture. It has a shiny finish to it, which some have compared to MAC's Glaze formula. 

      I love the colour! It's the perfect peachy pink ever.You can keep it as light as you want or build it up for a more darker shade. I just apply it lightly on my lips and for some reason it makes my lips appear fuller. What I love to do after applying this lipstick is, dab some lip balm over it- preferably The Body Shop's shimmer lip balm. I love the effect this combination gives me, my lips appear fuller, and it gives a sultry yet simple look. 

      The packaging is really cute. It reminds me a little of the new revamped Dior Addict Lipstick packaging, it's top comes of just like the Dior one. The packaging strong and can easily be carried in your purse for touch ups. (Don't worry the top won't come off in your purse/travel bag)

      With such a pretty shade you can't go wrong! 

      This review is specially for one of our favourite readers, you know who you are :).

      PS. Bourjois can be found at stores like Chanel (It's in Liberty. Its right under Enem) and Colour Collection (Defence)! You can find few products (like face powder etc) from Bourjois at these type of stores, not the entire collection. I'm sorry I have no idea about the price, because it was given to me as a present.