Friday, 8 July 2011

Battle Of The Brands: Nishat VS Generation Ready Made Churidaar

I don't know about anyone else but my darzi has become a drama queen lately. He gets more expensive every month and his quailty diminishes as his prices increase. This summer I've been mostly relying on ready made clothes. Sad, isn't it? I bought churidaars from both Generation and Nishat, and here are my thoughts on them.


These days a white churidar is a necessity because it goes with everything. I bought a separate white one in size 10 and the second churidaar came with a suit in size 12. Size 10 was perfect for me, I love the fitting it gives me! What I hate is that it's lose from the waist. I've only worn it twice because, both times I spent most of my time pulling it up. Even though the over all fitting is great, the chunat around the ankles are really really lose.

The size 12 is a size too big for me, it's lose all over but surprisingly it fits on my waist a little better than the size 10. I'ts chunat is even worse than my first one. The chunats either makes or breaks the look of the churidaar, don't you think? The only thing I like about the Generation churidaars is that they have two buttons at the ankle. These buttons make taking it off hassle free, if you know what I mean!!

Generation has a large variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

Over all rating: 4/10


Nishat Linen churidaars are of excellent quality. They use such a soft material for their churidaars. I can find the Nishat churidaar in my closest just by the feel of the material. I have two sizes from Nishat as well. It happened quite by accident, I thought I was a size medium and I purchased it without trying it on. They don't have an exchange policy so I had to buy a smaller size.

The medium one is for my everyday use. Its super lose on me, (even more so than Generation size 12) but even though its chunat doesn't hug my ankles, they look quite fitted. The long kurtas/shirts cover the lose parts perfectly and all that can be seen are the chunats. This is an ideal combination for the extreme hot weather we're experiencing right now.

I use the small size, which is perfect for me, when I'm going out, or for formal events when I want my clothes to look flawless. I have to slip it on with the help of a plastic bag which can be a pain, because it doesn't have buttons at the ankles, which is the only down side to it. ( I don't use plastic for the medium size)

Nishat has only one colour, white, in its churidar's range right now.

Over all rating: 8/10
Price: 1250

Aroosa's Musings:

If you are not a big fan of churidaars, you might want to give the trendy tights offered by various designers and high street brands a try. There are really nice tights available at Sara's (next to Karma) in Lahore. These tights aren't your typical tights, they give the look of a churidar. They are made of stretchy material and are very comfortable. More so, they are quite affordable and retail at Rs. 800/- only. So if you want to stay away from churidaars but still want to try the trend of the season, these are great. - Aroosa

( Sara's has really cute tights (that actually look like tights) as well. They're available in different colours and patters (my favourite is the black and white pola dots)!

Maybe the next time your darzi is having a Diva moment, you can just get something stitched, ready and at your disposal.

PS. I find it's cheaper buying it ready made because, buying the material and paying the darzi will cost you double.

What do you prefer? Your darzi or a boutique? Oh, and are you following this trend or are you letting this one pass?



  1. Yes I am loving this trend,my tailer did a decent job in stitching, but I will definitely give a try to the ready made ones.......
    Thanks Sana and Aroosa:)

  2. love churidars this season, good post