Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review: Nikhar Complete Eye Cream

Tired of searching for an eye cream for those frustrating dark circles under your eyes? - Here’s your chance to have that perfect flawless and spotless skin! Nikhar Complete eye cream turned out to be the treasure-breaker for my everlasting dark circles that seemed so prominent because of the stress I gave my eyes with lack of sleep and horrible diet! My family and friends started sharing remedies so that I could have eyes free of that haunting dark shadow. I literally tried everything, from massaging creams every night to pressing cool cucumbers, but the result was soooo disappointing!

I had actually given up when my aunt recommended Nikhar’s eye cream. She gave me her best friend’s example who travels all across the globe and had tried every expensive brand but her dark circles had made her eyes their permanent abode! Well, only after two weeks of using this cream, I realized how effective this product was! Yes, I am NOT exaggerating a bit! All I did was follow the instructions at the back which included washing the face, applying the cream and rubbing it for some time, and then leaving it for a bit. I also used it occasionally under make-up before going to office and trust me, it didn’t made my skin greasy at all!!!

The Nikhar company has produced this cream to shield against dark circles, fine lines, eye wrinkles and puffiness. The company claims that within 1-2 months of use, all your problems related eyes appearance will be resolved! I do trust this now that I’ve experienced myself!

With only natural and herbal ingredients, I confidently recommend this to everyone! It retailed at around Rs. 550 and is available primarily at Roop Singhar in Liberty, Gulberg. It’s a must try for all of you out there who have been wishing to get rid of any de-faming affect on your eyes! Remember you deserve the best! ;) Let’s just try a local brand for once and see what effect it can have on our looks? Do you agree??
-      Aroosa


  1. I definitely will be getting a bottle next time I'm in Lahore. How long does one tub last in your opinion?

  2. i also heard from a friend of mine that it really concern was if it reduces puffines aswell because my main problem is puffiness..but as u have mentioned it now, m surely going to get it :)