Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter In Strawberry Shortcake

The Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters served as a launching pad for Wishlist.  They were a delight to stock up on, because they sold out so fast.We couldn't stock them fast enough! When so many of you were buying  Lip Butters from us, we were sitting there surrounded with countless Lip Butters and couldn't try any of them. Sad, right?

I just got my first one a couple of weeks ago. I didn't buy it through Wishlist though. I was in India in the first week of November and Revlon had just launched their Lip Butters there. You guys should be proud of me! I controlled the mad urge for buying any make-up other than Lakme (hey, you can't blame me. Lakme is on the wishlist of any cosmetic junkie who goes to India, right?). On my last day in India though, I panicked! I hadn't done enough shopping! So I ended up buying a lip butter for twice the price we charge you guys (it hit me after I came back to Pakistan! Tsk. I was so mad at myself!) Was it worth the (double) price?

Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

It's only after trying one for yourself do you (finally) understand the hype. I'd tried Cotton Candy at the store and it wasn't that impressive. It had chunky bits of glitter in it, and didn't have enough colour pay off. When I tried Strawberry Shortcake I was blown away by the pretty shade. It's a beautiful cotton candy pink, with a hint of shimmer in it. Its a step up from your basic milky blue-based pink and it's a couple of notches down from being a bright fuchsia. Does that make sense? No? Basically,  it's smack down right in the middle of being the most wearable pink.

My lips tend to get very dry in the winter, and I love that I don't have to think about applying a lip balm (which I often forget) before applying Strawberry Shortcake. It glides on beautifully and doesn't accentuate the dry patches on my lips. Trust me, this is a relief. I love MAC's Creme Cup but it tends to settle in to the dry patches of my lips, and the result isn't very flattering. The only thing I have similar to the Lip Butters is my Dior Addict lipstick and L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks. The L'Oreal version is just as balm (the texture is slightly thicker), but has more of an opaque coverage compared to the Lip Butters.
Starting from the Left:Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake & L'Oreal Caresse in  Lovely Rose

Are Lip Butters worth it? It depends on what you're looking for. Do your research before investing in a shade. Some shades are very sheer and some have amazing colour pay off (like the one I have). Aroosa, and  another friend of mine have Peach Parfait, and both of them said that it is just a sheer wash of colour. You can opt for super bright colours or play it safe with just a hint of colour on your lips. Either way, these are worth trying out.

You can buy Revlon Lip Butters for 950PKR from Wishlist. ( I got mine for Rs 1200 (600 Indian Rupees) :O ).

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Blame It On....

It's been forever and a day since I last did a blog post. I have two reasons, one is more legitimate than the other. A couple of months ago, one of my best friends and I opened an online store called Wishlist. As you can tell I am obsessed with make-up (and bags, oh and shoes...and oooh well the list goes on), and Aroosa is obsessed with accessories.Our obsessions paved the way for us to create a platform from which people could buy whatever they liked. Be it make-up, clothes, shoes or accessories.

Youtube and Blogs have fuelled our passion (addiction is a better word) to shop, haven't they? My wishlists used to consist of endless things I'd seen on Youtube videos, and the sad part was I didn't have access to more than half the things. So Aroosa and I took matters in to our own hands (by the grace of Allah), and created a place where not only WE could shop, but YOU guys could as well. The response and the support we've gotten from each and everyone of you has been amazing (a special nod of appreciation goes out to all the beauty bloggers who have supported us as well. Thank you.).

Glamarama took a back-seat because of Wishlist. However, now we've decided to use Glamarama as an accompanying blog for Wishlist. I'll post pictures of what goes on behind the scenes, let you guys know when we have new things in stock, do outfits of the day, what I'm loving and most importantly do reviews as well. I won't be trying to sell any of the things we have in-stock or that are available on order. I'm going to be open and honest as possible. I'll let you know the good with the bad. Our aim is, through Glamarama we can create a better relationship with all of you.

So, yes I have been busy Wishlist-ing the months away. Another reason is I am cursed with laziness. I always let it get the better of me. I am going to try and do posts at least once or twice a week (I'm going to take it slow you guys!). I have few things in mind that I want to review, but if you want me to review anything please leave a comment below and I shall do so. Also, feel free to let us know what you'd like to see on Wishlist, and how we can improve ourselves.

I shall bid you adieu till my next post. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Save Or Splurge: Top Five Picks For Summer

Do you, like me, feel as if you’re preparing for battle when summer looms in? I always feel as if it’s me against the scorching sun, the summer heat and not to mention the humidity that charges in during midsummer.  Over the years I have created an army of beauty products that have helped me survive the summer months.

 Here are my top five picks that are a must have in my summer survival list. These are the things you can easily get your hands on in Pakistan.

Sun Block
The most important arsenal in my list is a good sunblock. I can step out of the house without any make-up on but I never, and I repeat, never leave without applying a sunblock. The reason why it’s so important is because sun exposure is it accelerates the aging process and causes skin damage. There are those, like me, who dread the idea of uneven skin tone. Yes, vanity always gets the better of us.

Neurogena’s Fine Fairness Moisture 
I have oily skin and in the past I have used the normal Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock with SPF 100 and I hated it. I had to use it because it was the best and also because of the high spf, trust me it did not look pretty. In the end I had to succumb to mixing It in with a matte moisturizer to make it work for me.

Neurogena’s Fine Fairness Moisture with SPF 50 is great for both oily and dry skin. This is what I imagined the Try Touch version to be like. It absorbs quickly, leaves a matte finish and feels light on the skin.  On humid days it feels just a tad bit heavy and oily, nothing a good face powder can’t work it’s magic on.
 It claims to prevent appearance of brown spots and skin darkening due to sun exposure, as well as new dark melanin from forming. It provides protection for maintaining fair, even-toned skin. I'd personally feel better if it had a high Spf!

Price: Rs770


Luscious cosmetics took Pakistan by storm with their innovative beauty products designed especially for Asian skin. One of their best selling products is their Whitening Base with Spf 35. This is supposed to be ideal for our part of the world, and according to Luscious Spf 35 is the ideal recommended by dermatologists for our skin (I prefer using a higher Spf). The base is available for normal to dry and oily skin types.

Don’t let the term “whitening” frighten you though. It doesn’t leave any white film over the face, nor does it make you look grey. This is a two in one product that can be used as both a primer and a sunblock.

Price: Rs 975

Best For B.O

This is just as important as sunblock, because nobody wants to smell nasty or be near someone who does.


Patkari is also known as the alum stone and crystal deodorant. This is easily found in Lahore, Al-Fatah carries them. You rub this on your arm pits and I guarantee you’ll smell odorless all day long. Obviously nothing transfers on your skin because it's just a stone, but for some reason it controls body odor in the best way possible. When I'm going out I spray my favorite perfume after using the patkari, and it helps make the scent last longer. What you can do is crush the alum stone and mix it with rose water and store the mixture in an empty roll on deodorant bottle

Price: Rs 60/70 depending on where you buy it.


There’s not much of price difference here but this is also a great (not so natural) product for hot summer days. The FA roll on deodorant is amazing. They have a wide selection of scents to choose from which honestly lasts all days. This is truly a confidence booster in my book.

Price:Rs 150

Face Powder

My defense against an oily skin is a good face powder. As you’ve probably guessed by now I have oily skin, and I am always trying out products that help me combat it.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is my favorite drug store face powder. I cannot say enough good things about it. On a good, dry summer day it keeps the face shine free for up to 5 to 6 hours (or slightly more depending on your skin type). On a humid day I find after 5/6 hours it doesn’t necessarily get shiny, but it starts to oxidize (changes color; i.e. turns darker or orangey) on me. Often, people with darker skin tones complain that they can’t find their shade, because all the seven shades look fairy light. The shade “translucent” has no color to and it ideal for both very fair to dark skin tones.

Price:Rs 550


MAC Mineralize Skin Finish: I am someone who rarely wears foundation, and it took me a while to find something that kept the oils at bay but still gave decent coverage to hide bits of redness on my face. This on me lasts for more than 6 hours and doesn’t oxidize a bit.  Also, it provides as an excellent base for my make-up.

Price: The price varies at different stores. Al-Noor is selling it for Rs 4500 and Green Valley for Rs3500

On Trend Lipstick Shade

Neon is “in” in a big way this spring/summer. The trend has consumed clothes, bags, accessories and make-up in it’s wake. This is the time to invest in a good neon/fuchsia pink lipstick. A bright pop of pink makes a great style statement.


Luscious Cosmetics Lip Couture in Paparazzi is a great way to dabble in this trend. It’s also great for those who prefer to wear lipgloss instead of lipsticks. Lip Couture is opaque and provides excellent color pay off.


Maybelline’s Fuchsia Fever #140 is a favorite amongst make-up artists and beauty bloggers alike. The quality of the lipstick is amazing and long lasting. The shade is right on trend for spring/summer.

Price: Rs925


Good mascara is the perfect finishing touch to one’s look. It doesn’t look over done; instead it just enhances your natural features. During the summer days mascaras tend to smear and end up giving the wearer the dreaded panda eye, instead of a glamorous finish. That is why investing in a good water proof mascara is important.
Save: Maybeline’s Define-A-Lash is one of my favorites and is often sold out at most Maybelline counters in Lahore. It’s an excellent dupe for the iconic L’Oreal Telescopic. Define-A-Lash (as the name suggests) defines every lash while providing volume and length. Multiple coats can make the lashes look dramatic.

Price: Rs 800

Splurge: Bourjois Volume Glamour Max (water proof) mascara is probably one of the best I’ve tired. It doesn’t clump or smear, which makes it ideal for summer. It’s perfect for anyone who wants dramatic, fuller, glamorous eye lashes.

Price: Rs1250

*All the images except for Neurogena’s Fine Fairness Moisture are taken from Google. 

Let me know your top five picks. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Going Desi: Pink Kola Puri From Khaadi

Kola Puri From Khaadi

Honestly, I haven't even started wearing the shoes I bought back from my trip and I've bought three pairs of shoes since I've been back. In my defence (for once) my mother told me that I should get these. She's on a kula puri kick these days and I guess her obsession was infectious.

I've never seen pink kola puri's before. Trust Khaadi to come out with the cutest pair of kola puri's- ever! I've never paid much attention to Khaadi shoes before, and I wasn't particularly drawn in by their new display (out of habit) because all I really wanted was a new kurta. After going through the kurta rack a dozen times, and failing to find something that screamed "buy me" I gave up, and I headed to my second favourite section, the jewellery display. My mother was trying their kola puri's and I headed towards her. 

By the time I started trying on their shoes I had a vision of  me walking out with the gold kola puri's, not the pink ones. I was told that the gold ones (in the style that I wanted) have been sold out for weeks at every outlet (it just wasn't my day!). I loved how the pink ones looked on my feet, but to be honest I wasn't in love with them at first.

Kola Puri From Khaadi
Now, they've grown on me and I have to admit they are soft and comfortable to walk in. I love their pinkness! The colour does make them more limiting though, because I can't wear them with everything.
These kola puri's are ideal for the hot Lahori weather. They look more chic and put together than your average flip flops. I'll be buying the gold ones when they're back in stock.

Price: Rs1700

PS. I'm wearing Luscious Salsa on my nails. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Going Desi: Khussa's From Khussa Mahal

Gold Khussas From Khussa Mahal
I've been wanting to invest in a good pair of khussa's for a while now. Maybe even months! I've been putting it off because just the thought of going to Liberty in this heat makes me shudder. A few days ago I finally decided to buy a pair of golden khusa's from Khusa Mahal ( In my head I don't know why Saleem Fabrics keeps popping up instead of Khusa Mahal).

Gold Khussas From Khussa Mahal

Gold Khussas From Khussa Mahal
Personally, I think Khussas look good with anything, but paired with a churidaar they personify laid back elegance. I chose simple golden ones because they'd go with everything. I've worn them a few times and it's safe to say I love them. Often, I find that one needs to wear them a few times before the leather starts feeling soft and comfortable. Surprisingly, these felt soft and comfortable the moment I slipped them on. 

Also, I love that these are a dull gold rather than a bright, in your face shiny gold. I can wear them casually, or on formal functions like a wedding (like I did two days in a row much to my mothers dismay. She wanted me to wear heels).
Gold Khussas From Khussa Mahal
These were for RS 850 which I think is a steal. Have you made a trip to Khussa Mahal recently? Are you going to?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Review: Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream

Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream

Ponds Claims:

"Pond's Flawless White Naturals day cream contains the wonder of Camellia leaf extract. Found in the foothills of the Himalayas, this precious extract contains powerful antioxidants to fight against the causes of skin darkening. After years of research, Pond's Flawless White Naturals day cream, containing the extraordinary Camellia leaf extract, is specially formulated to lighten skin and reduce dark spots. "

My Ponds cream has been battered and bruised as you can tell. I took it to Dubai with me and lets just say my bag wasn't very kind to it. I've almost used it up and before I say my final adieu to it I thought I'd do a review on it.
    Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream

    Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream

    My love affair with Ponds has been going on forever and have loved all the variations that they came out with every year. The Ponds Detox cream was one of my favourite, and I was actually depressed that they discontinued it. I got addicted to the Ponds Flawless White cream that they came out with last year as well. I used it as my sunblock, and I loved it. I think I used up two or three jars of it last year. I'm guessing I shouldn't get attached to the Ponds creams because every year it's something new. Ponds came out with two creams this year and I've used both. This is the one that is on the more expensive side and I bought it first. I thought it was going to be same as last year but with different packaging, but I was mistaken.

    When I first used it I was surprised that the texture of the cream was different (Ponds Detox and Flawless White were similar). It is light weight, soft and more moisturising than it's predecessor. Also, it doesn't have that same strong scent that I've now started associating with Ponds creams. It smells similar, but the scent is very subtle compared to the previous versions. Everything about it looked so promising until I started noticing little breaks outs erupting on my face. This was the only thing that I'd changed in my skin care routine, so I'm pretty sure this was the cause.

    Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream
    Ponds Flawless White Naturals Day Cream

    The cream claims to be all natural (hence the name), and I was surprised to see vicious things taking over my face one spot at a time (there were two or three before I left for Dubai). In Dubai I used it with my sunblock and I had more (subtle) break outs. Honestly, I was stubborn enough to still use the product because I didn't want to get a tan (hey, I'm being honest).

    What I loved about White Flawless (the one that came out last year) was that it had cream to powder finish. It had a matte finish which made it ideal for oily skin. This on the other hand doesn't have that finish. It absorbed well and didn't look oily during the dry summer days, but after having used it during Lahore's legendary humid days it is safe to say it does make me look oily.

    I don't have sensitive skin and this is first cream that has broken me out in years (subtle break outs, but still! Oh, and the bumps on my forehead would give any drama queen an anxiety attack).  The fact that it's not ideal for oily skin (unless you sweep powder over it) is a big turn off too. Before, I would just layer Flawless White all over my face and I was good to go. On the other hand it'll be ideal for people with dry skin. It's moisturizing and it'll work great for their skin type.
    Other than that, I think it did it's job well. There were days I used this and ignored the sunblock and didn't notice any tanning. My best friend and I spent more than two hours at the beach and I surprisingly enough I didn't get a tan. It didn't lighten my skin though if thats what you're wondering. I was out in the sun more than usual during that week and a half, and didn't notice getting tanned which is worth pointing out. In my opinion this isn't as good as last years Flawless White.

    Still, I don't think I will be repurchasing it again. (unless my vanity gets the better of me).  Let me know if you've tried this, or are planning on trying this. Has it caused you to break out?

    Price: Rs770 (The prices may vary at different stores)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review: Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

Brace yourselves, but this may shock some of you but I haven't used a face wash/cleanser in years. I've only used pure rose water as a cleanser and it worked fine for me. I tried using face washes but they just broke me out and I gave up on them. I recently found something that didn't break me out after using it.
Before leaving for Dubai I started using a new cream which started breaking me out. I do get the occasional pimple which fade away after a day or two, so I didn't really worry about them. I still used the same cream in Dubai and small pimples started erupting on face and there were tiny bumps on my forehead. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to worry about them, but I had a panic attack at the airport (of all the places), on the way back.
On my last night my best friend and I stayed up till 3 am and watched a movie. She woke up at 6am and we got to spend a little more time together. I had to be at the airport by 11am and I still had a lot of packing to do so I didn't go back to sleep. Fast forward a couple of hours, and I'm at the duty free standing at the make-up section (how predictable, right?). I saw my reflection at the L'Oreal counter and I freaked out. I don't have big pores, but in that moment everything I saw just alarmed me. I saw big pores, uneven skin tone; tiny bumps on the forehead and oh those pores!!! It was all too much to take in!!! For a second I even cursed myself for not buying Benefits Porefessional! I had to do something about those pores!

Clean&Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion
I turned around and I saw Clean&Clear products all lined up calling out to me with their seductive claims. I picked up the bottle nearest to me, skimmed through the claims, saw that it mentioned pores and I bought it. Yes, just like that. This is what lack of sleep and rows of beauty products does to me. It's madness! So was it all worth it? Thankfully, yes. I can't complain because I am blessed with clear, (usually) pimple free skin but I love how well the cleanser worked for me.

The first thing I noticed after using the cleanser was how smooth the texture of my skin became. The bumps on my forehead vanished after a day or two (they were bound to anyway, so I don't know if it's because of the cleanser), and there isn't a pimple on my face (touchwood).

I have oily skin, and I find that it controls excessive oiliness as well. I have been using it to remove my make-up as well, and it does a great job of erasing all the signs of make-up from my face. Now about those pores…ahem, I can tell my pores "tighten" after using it. Still, I love it most for the smooth texture of my skin rather than the tightening of the pores.

What I don't like about it is the strong medicine/alcohol-ish smell. The scent is a little unpleasant and if used around the eye area there may be some mild stinging.
I'm not saying it's a miracle product, but it definitely livess up to all its claims. It is great for people with oily/combination skin, like me.

Let me know if you're planning on trying this.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Going To Dubai: Whats In My Travel Make-Up Bag

I'm leaving for Dubai tomorrow monrning and I am so excited!!! I am visting my best friend (who I've known since class 3) who lives there. I'm going to be staying with her for eight days. To be honest I still have a couple of things to do, so I'm a little more tense than excited right now.

My suitcase is (almost) packed and ready. My make-up and accessories are in their bags. Tomorrow can't come fast enough. :)

I'm taking more blushes than I need. A girl can never have enough blushes, right?

Bella Bamba 
NARS Deep Throat (just so I can get some use out of it)
MAC Pink Swoon (this is one of my go to blushes)
Sleek Rose Gold (I just got this recently and it's so prettty)

My trusty Benefit 10
MAC Mineralize Skinfish
NARS Albatross
Benefit Watts Up
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 
Benefit They're Real Mascara 
MAC Creme Cup
Sephora lip gloss in Pink-o-Lada
(I'm not taking my new L'Oreal lipsticks because my mother uses them a lot. I decided to leave them behind for her)

Urban Decay De-Slick

I'm taking my Eco Tools mini brushes and some bangles in another bag. I'm not planning on taking any earrings.
So, tell me how much make-up do you take you when you travel? Do you keep it to bare minimum or try to stuff as much as possible?

Monday, 16 April 2012

TAG: Seven Deadly Sins Of Beauty

I haven't  been blogging much (the press releases don't really count) because I have been really distracted these last couple of days. There is a lot going on and I wanted the dust to settle down and then get lost in the blogging world again. I got tagged twice to do the 7 deadly sins of beauty tag by Pandora's Box and Vivacious Flair (they're both amazing bloggers, do check them out).

GREED- What are your cheapest and most expensive beauty products?

My cheapest beauty product has to be my Rivaj contouring brush, which I bought for Rs 250 from Jalal Sons. 

I have oily skin, and I am always investing in face powders (well, I was till last year anyway). This is why my most expensive beauty product is probably the Tarte Sswmooth Operator face powder. It is amazing because it doesn't let the make up budge at all!! Although I don't think I will be repurchasing it again.

 WRATH- Which beauty product you have love/hate relationship with? Name it.

It has to be my Benefit 10 box powder. I love contouring face (since it's very round), but I still haven't mastered my contouring technique yet. Benefit 10 makes contouring so much easier, but sometimes I still find myself struggling with even that. Tsk!

GLUTTONY- What is your most delicious beauty product?

Oh, it has to be The Body Shop Chocomani scrub (you guys are probably sick of me rambling about it by now). These days I'm on a self imposed coke and chocolate ban . I can't eat chocolate, but I can bathe in it. Haha! It honestly smells so good. 

4. SLOTHWhat beauty products do you neglect because of laziness?

Like Pandora's Box I too tend to forget to spray on the De-Slick finishing spray after I'm done with my make-up. I'm always running late and I just forget to spray it on. Sometimes I spritz it on before I do my make-up, which makes a huge difference keeping the make-up last longer as well. 

5 PRIDE- What beauty product gives you more confidence?

If someone had asked me this question last year I would have said blush. Now I can't even imagine not contouring or highlighting my face. I'm going to cheat and list two products. Any good highlighter and bronzer would do, but I reach for NARS Albatross and Benefit 10 the most. 

LUST- What traits do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

His smile 

ENVY- What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

The only (shocker) thing I have on my wishlist is MAC's Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. *sigh* Is anyone else brainwashed by YouTube as much as I am?

I have to tag seven bloggers, and I tag:
Sara Hassan
Beauteous Blog
Sahrish Adeel
Beauty Make-Up Addict
Star Vogue 
Sarah Confesses
rK's Beauty & Fashion Blog

I would love to tag all of you as well. Let me know your seven beauty sins in the comments below.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012- Press Release

Glamour, glitz, High Fashion, Pret and stunning hairdos all come together at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, to be held at the Lahore Expo Centre from April 13-16  2011.
Pakistani designers with international fame, from HSY to Kamiar Rokni to Sania Maskatiya, will present their latest collections. Adding to the buzz are leading fashion models with their amazing haute and graceful depiction of the designer’s collections.

For Sunsilk, the sponsorship is a cause-related marketing programme for promoting the very talented and much-neglected fashion Industry of Pakistan. Unilever’s consistent commitment to the fashion world through this program has been appreciated by the PFDC.

Sunsilk PFDC Fashion Week believes in supporting the emerging and aspiring designers in Pakistan, hence the show also includes exhibitions by students of Fashion Design. With the positive publicity in both electronic and print media that Sunsilk gets through this sponsorship, we have created heightened visibility of the Sunsilk range. Sunsilk’s market leader position has been reinforced through the premium assemblage that the event attracts. These opinion leaders play a critical role in promoting the usage of premium brands like Sunsilk.

Don’t miss out on the design trends for Summer 2012 & the fabulous yet affordable creations…  and stay tuned for the airing!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nail Of The Day: O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress

I'm still in the mood to ignore summer as much as I can. Even though it's spring in most parts of the world, summer has officially started in Lahore in all it's blazing glory.

Today I'm wearing O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress on my nails. It's such a pretty shimmery, metallic, deep ruby red nail colour. When I purchased it I didn't know that that this is one of O.P.I's  award winning/best selling nail polishes. I can understand why it is so hyped though, because it's gorgeous! The colour reminds me of the red shoes from Wizard of Oz (the shimmer in I'm Not A Waitress is very subtle though).

O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress
O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress
O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress
O.P.I I'm Not Really A Waitress (click to enlarge all the pictures)
This is a dream to apply. It glided on smoothly, without any streaking (unlike Lincoln Park After Dark). Like all the other O.P.I nail polishes it dried really quickly as well (which I love). I used two coats to get the desired shade. Obviously, the only thing I would change about it is the price! I've never had to think twice before buying a nail polish before!
Which one is your favourite O.P.I nail colour? Any suggestion for my next purchase?

Price: Rs850