Monday, 16 April 2012

TAG: Seven Deadly Sins Of Beauty

I haven't  been blogging much (the press releases don't really count) because I have been really distracted these last couple of days. There is a lot going on and I wanted the dust to settle down and then get lost in the blogging world again. I got tagged twice to do the 7 deadly sins of beauty tag by Pandora's Box and Vivacious Flair (they're both amazing bloggers, do check them out).

GREED- What are your cheapest and most expensive beauty products?

My cheapest beauty product has to be my Rivaj contouring brush, which I bought for Rs 250 from Jalal Sons. 

I have oily skin, and I am always investing in face powders (well, I was till last year anyway). This is why my most expensive beauty product is probably the Tarte Sswmooth Operator face powder. It is amazing because it doesn't let the make up budge at all!! Although I don't think I will be repurchasing it again.

 WRATH- Which beauty product you have love/hate relationship with? Name it.

It has to be my Benefit 10 box powder. I love contouring face (since it's very round), but I still haven't mastered my contouring technique yet. Benefit 10 makes contouring so much easier, but sometimes I still find myself struggling with even that. Tsk!

GLUTTONY- What is your most delicious beauty product?

Oh, it has to be The Body Shop Chocomani scrub (you guys are probably sick of me rambling about it by now). These days I'm on a self imposed coke and chocolate ban . I can't eat chocolate, but I can bathe in it. Haha! It honestly smells so good. 

4. SLOTHWhat beauty products do you neglect because of laziness?

Like Pandora's Box I too tend to forget to spray on the De-Slick finishing spray after I'm done with my make-up. I'm always running late and I just forget to spray it on. Sometimes I spritz it on before I do my make-up, which makes a huge difference keeping the make-up last longer as well. 

5 PRIDE- What beauty product gives you more confidence?

If someone had asked me this question last year I would have said blush. Now I can't even imagine not contouring or highlighting my face. I'm going to cheat and list two products. Any good highlighter and bronzer would do, but I reach for NARS Albatross and Benefit 10 the most. 

LUST- What traits do you find attractive in the opposite sex?

His smile 

ENVY- What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

The only (shocker) thing I have on my wishlist is MAC's Soft And Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish. *sigh* Is anyone else brainwashed by YouTube as much as I am?

I have to tag seven bloggers, and I tag:
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I would love to tag all of you as well. Let me know your seven beauty sins in the comments below.


  1. some great ans there love ur honest post :)

  2. I really want the Mac mineralized skin finish too! That scrub from Body Shop looks YUM!

  3. Nice picks,,thank you for doing the tag :) and happy holidaying :)

  4. :) nice blog & for hw much u got the body shop body scrub?