Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Obsessed With ♥

 I've always wanted this blog to be a little more than make-up. Don't get me wrong; I love make-up! Oh my God so much so, but there is so much more to life than that, right? There is so much to me as well and I would like this blog to reflect that a little. 

I think I can honestly say this has been the one thing that I have been most obsessed with this week. I'd heard about The Hunger Games before but I never gave it much thought. Why? There was always so much hype about the Twilight series, and to me that series was a little disappointing. I thought The Hunger Games would be the same. I decided to give it a try when my cousin (who I'm always mentioning in my posts) told me it was nothing like the Twilight series. I bought the book a couple of days before I saw the movie. I read the first one in a DAY (just goes to show how I'd been starving for a good book). I bought the other two books and read each in a day as well. I LOVED them ALL! I highly recommend it to all those who still haven't read them. 

No movie can ever do justice to a book (in my opinion) but I think for once they did a good job with The Hunger Games movie. It was really good. 
Have you seen the movie or read the books? Are you Team Peeta (like me) or Team Gale? 

Next on my reading list is 

I'm a Jane Austen addict (Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion being two of my favourite books-ever!) and this was calling out to me.

I'm on a self imposed coke ban. It's one of my addictions and *sigh* it's about time I let it go. 

I can totally relate to this cartoon *sigh*

I've started this again, because it's time I did some shedding (if you know what I mean). 

To straight or not to straight, that is the question. I bought Wellastrate a couple of days ago and I still haven't decided if I should straighten my hair or not. I have a love/hate relationship with my curls, I'm not sure If I want to go the straight way though. What do you guys think? Should I stick with my waves/curls or should I straighten my hair?

A little too much.

Two songs that I've been listening to on repeat. I love Matt Bomer on the White Collar and I was so excited to see this clip. They did such an amazing job on the song!!!! 

 I dream  of such a day, do you?

I would love to know what you've been obsessed with these last couple of days. 


  1. Oooh I saw that I dream of a day video too. It kinda went viral on facebook on the 23rd of march. About to read the hunger games aswell, just waiting to finish some of the agatha christie books that ive been reading lol. And im on the coke ban too, although its pepsi in my case. I hate coke with a passion haha. Definitely do some more personal posts, i like them even more than beauty related ones!

  2. I'm gonna get myself a copy of the Hunger games too :)
    And coke is a major addiction :D
    Cute post :)) <3

  3. I have been wanting to get my hands on the books just before i watch the movie :)

  4. hey can u tell me where i can find the 30 day shred workout dvd's in lahore....i like the look of it..and i too need some serious shredding..???...:)

    1. I bought it from Amazon. You can try Radio city though. I'm sure they have it