Monday, 23 January 2012

Pakistani Style: Outfit Of The Night (OOTN) Featuring Khaadi

Last night I went out for dinner with my family, and I thought I'd do a OOTN (outfit of the night) post. We went to Yum, which is a Chinese restaurant in Lahore. We had to wait half an hour for our table. By the time our food came I was starving. Even though I was really hungry, all I could think about was coke. I think I might have a problem, I am becoming a coke addict. Help!

I wore my new kurta (shirt) from Khaadi (surprise surprise). Khaadi has a couple of shirts in this style. I am so in love with this squarish design, which is similar to a kaftan. The fall is so different as well. The black tights are from Liberty. 

The earrings and the bag are both from Accessorize.

Face: I barely have any make-up on.

The Body Shop Illuminating vitamin E cream
MAC blush in Pink Swoon
Benefit 10
Benefit High Beam
Benefit They're Real Mascara 
(I guess coke is not my only addiction, apparently I have a soft spot for Benefit as well)
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil (as a setting powder)
Rimmel lip gloss 

For all those wondering, yes, it was cold last night. Despite the long wait for our table, we had a good time. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

(Pretty Little Liars Inspired) NOTD: Luscious Cleopatra & Rimmel 740 Clear

The exact colour of the nail polishes Aria was wearing in the episode Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares are  Priti’s “Devil’s Blackbone”, which is a dark shimmery green and OPI’s gold glitter “Spark De Triomphe”.

I recreated the look by using Luscious's Cleopatra and Rimmel's 740 Clear.   

Luscious Cleopatra 

Rimmel 740 Clear

 I was expecting Luscious Cleopatra to be more of a sheer top coat. I was surprised at how opaque it is. I achieved this look with two coats of the nail polish. 

The Rimmel one is really opaque was well. 740 clear is a dark shimmery green just like the one Aria had on her nails. I just had to use one coat and got the desired result. 

Price: Luscious Cleopatra: RS 225
Rimmel 740 Clear: Rs 350 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Battle Of The Brands: Maybelline & Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liners

Eye liner is one of those things, especially on the waterline that wears differently on different people and so whatever works for me may not work for you and visa versa. I have been on a quest to find an eye pencil/liner that actually stays on the waterline. I tried the Maybelline gel liner before the Bobbi Brown one, and instead of doing separate reviews I thought I'd do comparison / mini reviews.

I've used the same brush with both of them, and that is the one that came with the Maybelline gel liner.


I've read such great reviews on this gel liner. Even though I agree it is really good, it didn't work as great as I had hoped. While applying it on my waterline little flakes would get in my eyes and some would stick to my lenses. I had to start applying lenses after applying the liner on my waterline. This just showed how water proof the formula was, because my lenses would obviously be wet when I'd apply them and often my eyes would tear up. Despite my eyes tearing up, the liner would not budge.

It's not very long lasting on the water line though. I've used it with and with out foundation .With foundation it stays on a bit longer, but it would still start spreading from the inner corner within an hour or two.

While using the Maybelline gel liner the eye liner brush I noticed that a thick crust formed around the bristles. I had to wash it every time before using it. It just goes on to show the drying formula of the gel liner. It doesn't happen with the Bobbi Brown one.

Long lasting as a traditional eye liner (on the lids)
Water proof
Extremely pigmented 
Comes with it's own brush
Available in Pakistan

The consistency of the gel liner is a little thick and is not ideal for tight lining the eyes. 
Is not long lasting on the waterline
Starts to fade a little during the day (on the waterline)

click to enlarge image (This isn't the most flattering picture of me, but I wanted to make my point. This is when I decided to buy the Bobbi Brown one)

after 2 and half hours of first applying it

Bobbi Brown

After trying so many eye pencils/liners in the last few months, I was a bit sceptical about it's claims as well. I used the same brush with this one, and I discovered that it applied more easily, and smoothly. It's great for tight lining as well. What I often do with the Bobbi Brown one, which I could never even think of doing with the Maybelline gel liner is that I close my eye and swipe the brush to and fro like a kajal. It doesn't hurt, not does it get in to my eyes. If I'd done it with the Maybelline one my eyes would have been full of flakes.

This liner lives up to it's claims. I've used this with and without foundation as well. On days when I've used just  a sunblock and moisturiser it stays for more than 3 hours and it just spreads a little from the inner conner of my eyes. This is when my skin gets super greasy. On days when I've had foundation/face powder it lasts for a long time.

I wouldn't have been able to survive the last few weeks without the Bobbi Brown gel eye liner. I've used it during dance practises and it would stay in it's place by the time I'd come home.

Long lasting (on the water line and as a traditional eye liner)
Water proof
Doesn't hurt the eyes
Glides on like a dream
Ideal for tight-lining 
Extremely pigmented 

Doesn't come with it's own brush
Hard to find in Pakistan

click to enlarge

After 4 hours

Click to enlarge

After 6 and a half hours (don't mind the flash)

If you're looking for a long lasting, water proof eye liner that doesn't budge from the eye lids, then go for the Maybelline one. For those who want a multi-purpose gel eye liner (water line, tight-lining etc.) then I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown one. It's a little expensive, but if it can work on me it can pretty much work for anyone. It definitely lives up to it's claim.

Bobbi Brown: 21$
Maybelline: RS850

Friday, 6 January 2012

My Make-Up Routine For The Wedding Season

Two of my best friends got married days apart from each other. I have been busy with dholki's and dance practises for an entire month. It has been pretty hectic. I had to miss one friends function to attend the others. I'm going to get ready for my friend Sara's wedding in a bit and I thought I'd show what make-up products I have been using.

I use a lot of stuff, but it doesn't come across as too much when I put it on. I have been using the same things every day (boring I know). The only things have been changing around is my blush and highlighter. 


Urban Decay Deslick 
BareMinerals Original foundation (read review here)
Prime Time primer
The Body Shop Mineral Foundation Brush

I don't use foundation every day but on one of the formal dholki's I used this foundation and my friend Aroosa was sitting next to me and she told me that my skin looked 'flawless'. Well that did it, I used this on every function after that. 

I don't set my make-up during the winter because I don't want to look too matte. I use Deslick before I apply the primer. There have been times when I used to forget spraying it after I was done and despite that my make-up used to last all day. So now I just spray it before the primer and be done with it, and by the time I come home my make-up looks the same!!! (full review coming soon with pictures)

Blush+ Highlighter
Bella Bamba (review)
MAC Pink Swoon
MAC Pinch O Peach
 Benefit 10 (for contouring)
Benefit Watts Up (review)
NARS Albatross


Benefit They're Real (review)
Bobbie Brown Gel Eye Liner

These two are my favourite! The Bobbi Brown gel eye liner is amazing! (review coming soon). I am so in love the mascara that I've bought a back-up.


MAC Creme Cup
MAC Right Image

Okay, so I know I can take risks with my lipstick/gloss but creme cup looks SO good with kohl lined eyes. It's a really pretty pinkish nude.


I don't have creme cup on my lips in this picture because I misplaced it yesterday.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Guest Post: Feeling Beautiful Despite The Odds

Today Jackie Clark is doing a guest post on how women need to feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they may be facing. Especially those diagnosed with cancer. Jackie does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer.

Cancer can have devastating effects on a woman both physically and mentally. It’s important that as a woman we remember that beauty is not just skin deep, and that it goes beyond the boundaries of our physical appearance and encompasses all that we are. Cancer is a battle that many women face, and it is especially during these rough times that a woman needs to feel beautiful and confident in her appearance.

One example of a particularly brutal form of cancer is mesothelioma. It comes from asbestos exposure and does not usually benefit from surgery. Women with this type of cancer, as well as other kinds, need to be reminded that they are still beautiful. Despite their illness, they need to maintain positive thoughts in order to help their spirits and mentally relieve their bodies.

Here are a few things women with a cancer diagnosis can do to feel more attractive and comfortable in their own skin:

-Go shopping and try on fashionable clothes

A shopping trip, no matter how small, can help a woman feel good about herself and what she’s wearing. Even trying on clothes that look good can help to boost self-esteem. Shoe shopping is especially fun because no matter what, shoes will fit. A woman is never too fat or too thin for a pair of shoes.

-Go for a beauty makeover or facial

A woman can try getting her makeup done at a salon, spa or makeup counter. Or how about trying a new hairstyle? This will help bring positive feelings about and self-confidence. A relaxing facial is also just the thing to rejuvenate the spirit.

Use fashion as a way to feel empowered and confident. Dressing up for the occasion can really help to make a woman's day. Just knowing that they look gorgeous in a new pair of slacks can make them feel like a million bucks. If money is an issue then try going to discount or thrift stores for the latest fashions.

Regardless of what kind of clothes, shoes, or makeup a woman wears, it’s important to know that beauty is all about attitude and spirit. Even though cancer may try to beat one down, it can’t change a positive outlook, which is beneficial to both mind and body. 
 By: Jackie Clark