Thursday, 19 January 2012

(Pretty Little Liars Inspired) NOTD: Luscious Cleopatra & Rimmel 740 Clear

The exact colour of the nail polishes Aria was wearing in the episode Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares are  Priti’s “Devil’s Blackbone”, which is a dark shimmery green and OPI’s gold glitter “Spark De Triomphe”.

I recreated the look by using Luscious's Cleopatra and Rimmel's 740 Clear.   

Luscious Cleopatra 

Rimmel 740 Clear

 I was expecting Luscious Cleopatra to be more of a sheer top coat. I was surprised at how opaque it is. I achieved this look with two coats of the nail polish. 

The Rimmel one is really opaque was well. 740 clear is a dark shimmery green just like the one Aria had on her nails. I just had to use one coat and got the desired result. 

Price: Luscious Cleopatra: RS 225
Rimmel 740 Clear: Rs 350 


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