Sunday, 28 August 2011

Review: NARS Orgasm

I owe my unhealthy obsession for make-up to NARS Orgasm. This is what got me hooked to make-up,YouTube beauty video's and blogs. Months of researching online to see if it was worth buying, I was catapulted in to the world of beauty and make-up. After weeks of deliberating I decided that it was time I got my hands on it. Hey, when half the world is raving about it, you know you got to have to at least give it a try. Haha!

Is it worth the hype?
The Good
NARS Orgasm Blush is described as a “peachy pink with shimmer.”  It's also said it be a universally flattering shade. This is a cult classic and one of NARS most iconic blushes!!!!!! Trust me when I say, NARS knows it. Orgasm has been replicated across their product range e.g. Orgasm lipgloss, nail polish, etc. The color itself is DIVINE! It's even prettier than the pictures and videos.

In the pan the colour looks a really bright, slightly orange and a little scary. When I got it, the colour scared me a little. I couldn't help wondering if this was the blush that everyone has been raving about. Once I tried it though it was a whole different story. It's the perfect peachy pink! This is the blush I reach for when I can't decide which blush to use, because it'll look good with any thing.

It looks really natural and gives the prettiest flush to your cheeks. People always ask me what I have on my cheeks, when I'm wearing Orgasm. The texture is sheer but it's noticeable on my pale skin. I like to build it up though for a pop of colour. It hardly ever looks over done. There have been times when I've applied it with a heavy hand and it still managed to look gorgeous without making me look like a make-up experiment gone wrong.

 I'm amazed how well this powder stays on and how easy is to work with it.It stays on for a whole day (okay, not whole day but pretty much up to 8 hours). The colour looks even more gorgeous on the sun.

 See for yourself:

NARS Orgasm

The Bad
The price is a little ridiculous, but I guess this is given when you're buying a NARS product. You just can't whine about the price.There have been some who have said that it's not pigmented enough for dark skin or intense enough to give that 'wow factor'.

Final Thoughts
I love this blush! Even though it's a splurge it's worth it because this it's going to last you forever. A little goes a long way when it comes to Orgasm. On the NARS facebook page they've shown celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian wearing it on their cheeks. If it can show up on them, it can show up on anyone. Girls with darker skin tones just have to tab a little extra on their cheeks for the colour to really show up! 

I love the NARS Packaging. It's classy and it protects the product. I've dropped the blush a few times and even though it looks slightly battered from the outside, the blush itself looks new as ever. 
Basically, I am one satisfied customer! :)

If you like coral, especially pinker ones, I don't think Orgasm will be adisappointment. It's popular for a reason!

Price: 27$

Tell me your thoughts on Orgasm, whether you’ve tried it or not. Is it worth the hype, or just too much hype? Are you dying to try it out? Let me know!



  1. Such beautiful swatches! :) Definitely dying to try it out, sucks about the price ><

  2. be careful about dropping it! I haven't dropped mine but somehow whilst travelling it shattered!

  3. It looks great! but i am still confused which one to get! deep throat or orgasm :/

  4. Woww such a gorgeous shade!!!!!

  5. beautiful ! i have the elf bronzed and blush duo looks exactly like this blush except when you swatch i with ur finger the result is a bit silvery shimmer !
    and its only $3 ~!

  6. Looks great. I'm sure it looks amazing on you. it doesn't really work for me sadly. I have my eyes on super orgasm at the moment :) Great review

  7. Nice review.. I bought NARS super-orgasm.. I was soo confused btw orgasm & super orgasm.. but as I love shimmer I opted for superorgasm.. What do u think I did right? As the shimmers tend to fall out

  8. Lovely color with great review.

    Do check my blog :)

  9. @Madiha, deep throat is stunning too. I've seen swatches of it but I don't own it. So I can't advice you that. Go with you instincts because both of them are amazing.

    @Beauty Design: I love shimmer to. I have Super orgasm and it is a little more sparkly than orgasm. I think you did the right thing because super orgasm is a little more sparkly and bright while Orgasm is like a natural flush of colour.

  10. With so many awesome adjectives, I am tempted enough to take the splurge. :P Sorry, I have never been much of a person who spends loads on expensive makeup, but seriously you have made me drool.

  11. Shang J. Hahaha! I was never some one who spent a lot on make-up either. Now its a whole different story though.:p. I do recommend this blush though. It's worth the splurge.
    If you're looking for a dupe Sleek has a blush that's quite similar to Orgasm.

    Pandora's Box: Thank you:). I keep meaning to do a review on Super Orgasm as well. I'm just very lazy. Hopefully it'll help you? Super orgasm is very pretty though. Gives a little more (sparkly) pop of colour than Orgasm.

  12. NARS orgasm is THE blush to have!! its my favorite favorite blush in the world!totally worth the hype!
    great review, beautiful swatches!!

    check mi blog too:)

  13. Wow! love your Post!