Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Beauty Secret: Yogurt and Olive Oil Hair Mask

I've been obsessing over my hair so much these days. It's always been extremely dry and (often) frizzy but these days it's just been lifeless. I came across a recipe for a home-made hair mask, which I thought I'd try out. I've tried it twice, and the results have been pretty good.

The Mask:
Mix one cup of plain, whole milk yoghurt with one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and apply the mask after you've washed your hair.  The mask sits for five minutes and is then rinsed out.

I did all of the above except, just rinsed out my hair. After shampooing, I applied the mask, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. I rinsed it out at first, but my hair still felt greasy, so I had to wash my hair for the second time. It worked just as well!

Did it work? Surprisingly, it did! I have wavy hair, and my hair looked straighter and for once it was easy to brush through it. I scrunched my hair while it was still wet, because that's just the way I like it. Otherwise I'm pretty sure they would've been relatively straighter. My hair has been glossy and soft ever since I've used it. Today my cousin complimented me on my "bouncy curls". (They're so lifeless otherwise) This 'hair mask' is so simple I didn't even think it'd work, but it does. <3

Is this something you're going to try out? Let me know your beauty/hair secrets.



  1. Ooh I might try this. My hair's been so dry and frizzy lately :(

  2. Great tip...I havent got any secrets...only tro make sure your skin's always clean...clean skin is healthy skin!
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xxx

  3. I am *definitely* going to try this out! Thanks for sharing your secret! :)

  4. this is a great tip, i loove olive oil for my hair so ill try this out!

  5. @prettyinthedesert: You certainly ought to try this! Will see an evident change for sure!:)
    @Chari T: You sure are right! :)
    @e. Xx: Do try and let us know about the change/experience!
    @Sidrah!!!!: Do that and do get back to us about how your hair felt and looked like after application!:)