Tuesday, 9 August 2011

How To: Alexander Wang Inspired Messy Ponytail

Be forewarned: I’m not a hair person. That is to say, I’m a lazy hair person. I don't straighten my hair because it damages my already frail hair. I don't pin curl, or do anything requiring bobby pins. I’ve never been a very good French braider. That’s why I love the messy ponytail seen on fall/winter runways — I know no other kind.

Last season Alexander Wang inspired side braid was the hottest hair style of the season. Celebrities from Cheryl Cole, Rachel McAdams, and Nicole Richie were spotted with the it.  Even though this trend is still extremely popular right now and will definitely make a transition in to Fall/Winter there's a new hair style trending right now. This season Alexander Wang has done it again with the messy backcombed ponytail.

Models on the runway

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There is no better way to pump up your average ponytail than with a good teasing. Pull hair back and wrap a one-inch section around the elastic to achieve the wrapped-around look. Next, backcomb at the crown and heavily in the ponytail to get texture and edgy volume. You don't want to make your ponytail too high on the head. Location is very important. The ponytail is going to be in the middle of the head which is a little more playful.

Even though in the above pictures the ponytails the models are supporting are a little exaggerated, you can make it as polished as you want or stick the original style and keep it messy. Personally, I like the messy look (but not too messy though). You can also make a parting of your choice at the front and then back comb your hair at the crown. 

This look is going to be big for fall. Are you going to style your hair like you just don't care?



  1. OMG i love it!! i will surely try this one!! thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! (Rabia.B)

  2. @ Rabia.B: You should!! Im sure it'll suit you a lot! :)