Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Series: Fall 2011 Beauty Trends!

So since fall is on it's way, I thought I'd do a series of posts on the hottest fall beauty/jewellery trends this year. There are two looks that have been dominating beauty trends for fall. One is more natural and wearable, the other one is bold and dramatic. Obviously you can mix all these different trends together and create your own look. 

The Natural Look

Trend# 1 Braids

Braids are very popular this fall. You can go for any braid that you want, but the most popular one is a messy side braid. You don't want this braid to be perfect; the messier the better. I love Lauren Conrad's braid <3!

Trend# 2 Bold Brows

Bold brows are making a very big statement this year, and lots of celebrities are embracing this look. If you're too scared to grow out your brows, take an easy way out by filling them with a brow pencil. You can also take an eye brow brush and brush them upwards, which is also very popular fall.

Trend# 3 Spider Lashes

This look is very easy to achieve. Just take your favourite mascara and apply it as you normally would, from the root to the tip. To create the spider effect, start going behind your lashes and curl upwards.This is instantly going to give you very spidery looking lashes. The other day the lady at the Maybelline counter tried this look on me, and I must say it looked pretty good!

Trend# 4 Pastel Lips

I love that pastel lips are very popular for fall. I wear pastel shades all year long, this is something that's in my comfort zone.

Trend# 5 Neutral Nails

Neutral nails were big at Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 RTW. I'm pretty sure this trend was inspired by Kate Middleton. Not only did she have neutral coloured nails on her wedding day, she had a similar manicure at other Royal events and on the Canadian tour as well.

Trend# 6 Glowy Cheekbones

Patting a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones is the next best thing to bathing them in candlelight. Just be sure to look for a formula that's warm and peachy, not overtly frosty. I heart!!

My favourite fall trends are the braids and pastel lips. <3

Which fall trend is your favourite? Is there one on your list that you can't wait to try out? Is there a trend that you're going to pass?

Trend source: Allure and Macbarbie07 


  1. loveeeeee spider lashes right now!

    Chari T (deep fried stilettos) xxx

  3. Gloria, we love the lashes as well.

    Chari, we're loving these soft trends too! Especially the braids:)