Thursday, 4 August 2011

Series: Fall 2011 Beauty Trend! (Part ♥♥)

The second part of the Fall Trend series focuses on bolder, more dramatic trends that are going to be extremely popular in the next few months.

Bold Trends For Fall

Trend# 1 Teased Hair

This is a look that a lot of celebrities have been sporting lately, from red carpet events to late night talk shows (like Katie Holmes). This has also been a staple on the run way. You can go for a simple version of this trend by teasing your hair in the front to make a poof.  Start from the top and the work your way to the side. When you finish teasing your hair, spray the poof with your favourite hair spray. Tie your hair in to a ponytail. Pull out a few strands from the sides, to give it a more messy look.

Trend# 2 Metallic Eye Shadow

Metallic eye shadow is very big this year. A simple way to achieve this  look is by picking any bold colour like a metallic blue, gold or brown and apply it all over your lids till your crease.  You can also apply the same eye shadow to the inner corners of you eye, to give it a very glammed up look.

Trend# 3 Graphic Liner

The heavy graphic liner made a bold statement on the runway recently and is a more modern take on the classic winged liner. Dramatic liner is shaping up to be a huge beauty trend for the fall.

Trend# 4 Red Lips

This is one of the trends that is definitely out of my comfort zone.One of the biggest lip trends this year is red lips. Shades from hot pink to red to deep wine/mulberry lip are hot for fall.

Trend# 5 Gold Liner 

If intense metallic eyes aren't your thing, you can achieve a subtler (but equally striking) version of the look with gold-rimmed eyes. Brush a gold shadow over the lids, then apply liquid gold liner to the upper and lower lash lines.

Trend# 6 Flushed Cheeks

Just dab your favourite cream blush on the apple of your cheeks and you're good to go. 

Trend# 7 Nails

For all those who think neutral nails are a little boring, you can always opt for one of these nail trends. Metallic nail colour is super trendy for fall. Beige, browns, greys, muted deep red nails are also big for fall/winter.  

Are you going to try any of these trends? 

Trend source: Allure and Macbarbie07



  1. Im definitely trying these and making a couple tutorials too :D

  2. I am going to try ALL x x x

  3. Rose we're looking forward to your tutorials:)!

    Gloria, so are we!