Friday, 19 August 2011

Review: Luscious Super Moisturizing Lipstick

I've been wanting to try more products from Luscious for a while, and I finally got off the lazy wagon and got my hands on a few things (well, actually just two). Out of the two, the lipstick is definitely a favourite. 

Luscious Claims:

Our long-lasting formula enriched with Vitamin E and the super antioxidant Grape Seed Oil speaks for itself. It will never change color or dry out, keeping lips moisturised and happy. We’ve added extra color for great coverage. Try it to believe it!

The Good

I bought it in the shade Coral, because I have way to many pinks. At the Luscious counter when I swatched it, I was surprised at how glossy the texture was. Honestly, its a dream to apply! It's moisturising and it gives great coverage. It has a lip-balmy texture and I didn't think it would live up to it's claim of providing coverage, but certainly does. 

Coral, isn't too bright. It is a little out of my comfort zone because it's not pink (yes, I love my pinks). However it gives such a pretty coral hue to the lips, nothing too dramatic. 

The packaging is cute as well. I love the 'L' on top of the cap. 

The Bad

I don't think there is anything bad about the lipstick. (Trust me, I've been sitting here thinking about something bad to write and I can't think of anything).     

Final Thoughts

Luscious has done a great job with their lipsticks. I will definitely be purchasing more colours. There is a pink one that I have my eyes on (haha). For RS440, these lipsticks are a bargain. You're getting an excellent product for a fraction of the price of compared to other drug store brands. 

Here's what it looks on my lips
You can buy them online . Luscious is available in all leading stores nationwide.

Price: RS440

Have you tried Luscious lipsticks? If so, which one is your favourite? I would love to try it out.



  1. Wow looks exactly like Mac Shy Girl on the lips and the swatch! Might have to grab that as a budget dupe! x x x

  2. i have same coral shade by luscious. its my first and so far only lipstick from luscious. I love this shade

  3. I love this shade! I am definatly gona try it out. Do you own any pinkish tone shades from Luscious? or any nudes?

  4. pretty shade like it on your lips... thanx for grt review

  5. Sarah: Its the only luscious lipstick I own as well, and I love it too.

    Sidrah: This is the only Luscious lipstick I have at the moment. I am going to try some of their pinks and nudes. They have two really pretty pinks that i want to get my hands on.

    Sahar: Thank you Sahar:)

  6. Great shade! I just did a review on one of their other lipsticks which is Dreams, please check it out.

    Thanks loads :)

  7. This sure looks very flattering on you :) Nice review.

  8. I have this lipstick in a pink shade, forgot what its called but i really love it! Might get this one as well :)

  9. hi! i tried out luscious make up!but the base didn't go well with my skin n i got my skin iched n allergic! BUT DAISY PINK LIPSTICK DOES REALLY REALLY GREAT! I LIKE LUSCIOUS LIPSTICK A LOT! IT'S BEST!!! GOOD LUCK N THANK YOU!