Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pakistani Style: Ethnic/Desi Style Bangles From Milli

Along with being obsessed with make-up, I'm really in to jewellery as well. You can always see my standing googly eyed in front of the jewellery section at Accessorize. I usually tend to stick to my favourite places when it comes to shopping. I'm not a very adventurous shopper. However these bangles were a bargain I couldn't resist. 

I saw my friend wearing these a few days ago. When I asked her where she got them from I expected the answer to be either Funk Asia or Nishat. I was really surprised when she told me that she'd got them from Milli (it's a shoes and accessories store in Liberty) instead. 

Nishat and Funk Asia have ethnic/desi style bangles exactly like this, and they cost around RS1200. This on the other hand is a bargain at RS390. Milli makes bangles on order as well. You can tell them the colours and the material you want your bangles in. How cool is that?
I love these. These are an ideal way to dress up an otherwise boring outfit.