Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Haul: NARS,Benefit, Bobbi Brown & MAC

My best friend decided to play the part of my fairy godmother yesterday, and showered me with things that have been on my wish list for ages. I couldn't even make myself open anything because it all looked so pretty. I'd look at the pretty Benefit bag which had all the amazingness inside and think aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥ (it's a dreamy aaaaah of contentment and disbelief)! Before I get too carried away with the dramatics, here's a peak inside my goodie bag.

♥ all the gorgeous-ness inside.

Who can resist a fairy in a light bulb? I for one, cannot! I've been resisting buying this ever since it came out because it's a little on the pricey side. After I saw it had been given a 10/10 on Temptalia, I knew I had to have it in my life. 

I'm still on the quest for finding the perfect pencil/gel liner that stays on my waterline. I've found a pencil that I adore (a review coming soon) but it's not ideal for tight lining. Beauty guru's swear by the Bobbi Brown gel eye liner!! Fingers crossed!

NARS is the best when it comes to blushes. This one is in 'Deep Throat' and it's SUCH a pretty colour. 

I'm a blush addict! There is no reasonable explanation for this one. I loved the swatches online and I thought I'd give it a try. I was hoping it would look like this 

I'm still wonderstruck at the moment with all this make-up gorgeous-ness! Maybe Anum should take the role of my fairy godmother permanently  ♥. 

PS. Anum, if you're reading this THANK YOU, and you know what's on my wishlist ;p



  1. Gifts and gifts and I so love Christmas :) Aww I so want this gel liner too! Great haul in all


  2. lovely haul <3
    i need a fairy godmother toooooo :D

  3. wow your friend is so sweet,lucky you:) how about a review of benefit watts up:)

  4. please do a review on bobby brown gel liner!! I swear there is some issue with my waterline, nothing stays put. NOTHING!! have tried everything except this gel liner! do a review asap! a friend is going to NYC in 15 days, will ask her to bring it for me if it works for you! :)

  5. Yes, I have an amazing friend <3.

    Maryam I will start using the gel liner from tomorrow. Review on watss up and gel liner coming up:)