Wednesday, 14 December 2011

NOTD: Luscious Nail Lacquer In Valentine

I'm going out with one of my friends today. It's going to be another day of sitting at our favourite coffee place and talking about conspiracy theories (we've just started watching The Arrivals and trust me when I say its captivating). Sounds exciting doesn't it?! Ha!Ha! 

Since I'm going out I thought I'd paint my nails a bright red. Luscious nail polishes are always a hit or a miss for me. This red (in Valentine) is my absolute favourite!! It applies smoothly and lasts a decent amount of time, but the gorgeous shade is what wins me over time and again.

 Luscious nail polishes are inexpensive compared to some other high end brands, which is always a plus point. 



  1. Does that have orange undertones? Great post

  2. That color is really cute and lovely~~
    Merry Christmas! ^^

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  3. Wow that's an original colour... never seem such a red nail polish. It's beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful nails.
    I love the solor. :)

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