Friday, 23 December 2011

Review: Benefit Watts Up!

I admit Benefit lures me in with their gimmicky products, but that does not mean that the products themselves aren't great. I always find myself reaching for Benefit products the most when I'm getting ready. Every time I use Bella Bamba, I get asked what I have on my cheeks. Watts Up has quickly become another favourite. 

I used to reach for NARS Albatross the most for highlighting. I'm someone who doesn't do a lot of make-up. With that in mind I start getting ready minutes before I'm about to leave, and that always results in me doing my make-up in a rush. You would think I'd learn from my mistakes, but I obviously haven't. I have to leave for a friends dance practice in a bit, and I'm sitting here writing a blog post. So yeah, I used to reach for Albatross the most because it did not require much effort. With Benefit High Beam I had to work a little to blend it to perfection.

Watts Up, has now become my favourite highlighter (that didn't take long). It's a shimmery champaign beige that looks a little scary at first, but when blended it transforms into a mega-watt glow. I just swipe it on to the desired places and blend a little. I don't have to work hard or use a brush.I recommend using your fingers, rather than the sponge tip that it comes with. I used the sponge tip the first time I tried Watts Up, and it smeared my make-up a little. 

It lasts pretty for almost the entire day. I've really had time to test it out because I've been on the go with one friend or the other this entire month, and I'd come home with Watts Up still lighting up my cheeks. 

I asked my friend Anum (aka- Fairy godmother) if she'd like to model Watts Up for me.

Even though it's expensive at 30$, it's well worth the investment. 

(Yesterday, when I tried Watts Up on Anum it looked so good she now wants to use it on her Mayon (a pre-wedding celebration).)


  1. The highlighter looks soo natural!
    Great review!

  2. this is lovely product... anum is such a cute girl

  3. Thats an awesome product!! Your friends looks gorgeous!!

  4. what do you think is a better highlighter? watts up or high beam??

    congrats to Anum on her wedding, i'm sure she will look great on her mayon and rest of the days

  5. Even though high beam is a gorgeous highlighter, I think watts up is better. it's easier to blend, and it still manages to look natural despite being more 'glowy' than high beam.:)

  6. It looks so nice on your friend! I was actually about to purchase this on Boxing Day but ended up buying High Beam instead. I kinda' regret it now...


  7. i've got this highlighter, and was considering buying Nars Albatross, but now i don't feel the need to! thankyou, my bank balance is very appreciative!X