Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer Beauty 2011: Surfer Girl Hair/Beachy Waves

Bohemian wave, beachy waves, kinky waves, hippie waves. Call them whatever you want. But, this is the look that shows up time in and time out on the red carpet, runway, and my head all year round. It’s easy and pretty if done correctly.
One of the trendiest styles for this summer is the surfer hair/beachy waves.I have wavy/curly hair (my hair it seems has issues and can't make up its mind between the two) and for years I used to straighten it every day, which resulted in damaged hair. That's when I became the boss of my unruly hair and learnt how to do the beachy waves.

It's super easy and it doesn't take much time at all. This is what you should do:

- shampoo and condition as normal
- towel dry when you get out of the shower
- shake hair to unlock the wave pattern. comb with hair with fingers.
- brush hair when it's still wet and then no more brushing
- apply a curl enhancer, and then scrunch it 
(lately I've been using Toni&Guy beachy hair spray and it works wonders. All I do is spritz it all over and scrunch it once or twice, depending on how curly I want my hair to be.)
(if you don't know what scrunching is, its taking section of your hair and crumpling it like piece of paper. You hold the hair together tightly for a few seconds)
- Scrunch the hair two or three times to get good volume and texture
- let it air dry
When I'm feeling lazy I just braid my hair for a bit, after applying a curl enhancer.

For people with straight hair:
-brush your hair when its still wet
- apply a curl enhancer in your hair
-braid your hair tightly for 15-20 minutes (when its still wet)
-open the braid and scrunch the sections of your hair once or twice
- spritz  hair with hair spray for a better hold
-let your hair air dry (and if you poker straight hair spritz hair with hair spray again)

* Quick tip: If you don't have a curl enhancer gel laying around and you want to try out this look, you can take a pinch of sea salt add bit of water to it, rub it between your fingers and scrunch your hair with it.

The next day when your cruls/waves are not pronounced as the day before you can always tie your bangs like Amanda Seyfried .
Happy Scrunching! <3 
PS. Is this something you're going to try out? Let us know:)


  1. Nice..I'll try that, but for people with straight hair, you can also just put your hair up in a bun when they are semi-wet (after applying mouse) and then leave it up for an hour. It works that way as well.

  2. This has been so useful! I have always wanted to know how to get these curls!! Thaankss! xx

  3. Thanks SANA! This is indeed the new trend in Hollywood n its really makes you look effortless n stylish..........I will try this:)

  4. Thank you for such amazing feed back:)! Do try it, its a look that suits everyone:)

  5. How should you part it for a surfer girl look?? Middle?? Side?? Or no part