Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Laughs: A Five Year Old Make-Up Guru

Madison is by far the cutest beauty guru on YouTube!! I couldn't stop smiling while watching these video's. She knows her stuff quite well for a five year old, but still has such an innocence about her. I love it when she's showing her hair dryer in the 'whats in my purse video' and when she says ' byeee, my tooth is missing'!Haha!How cute is she????

Which part made you smile/laugh the most?



  1. Thank you Sana 4 sharing this,I was laughing the whole time,madisom is so cute,loved when she said for every other thing that"i really love this,you got to try this"..I laughed the most when she was showing her lotion and her ring,talking to the dryer was funny too......:P

  2. :D Haha! She's a funny little thing:)