Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Blush

Hi, my name is Sana and I'm a blush-o-holic!Ha!Ha! I'm obsessed with blushes and highlighters. I'm always on the look out for the perfect blush. A couple of months ago The Body Shop came out with their 'Baked-To-Last-Blush', and let me tell you this blush is perfection. If the promo picture doesn't draw you in, then the blush itself surely will. The Baked-To-Last line has two blushes in it. The first is '01 Petal',which is a pretty shimmery pink and the second is'02 Coral'.

Left:Petal blush with light hand. Centre: highlighter. Right: Petal blush with a heavy hand

According to The Body Shop its ideal for creating 'a fresh, flirty, natural-looking complexion'. The Body Shop claims its 'handmade and slow-baked for up to eight hours of deliciously rich color'. The shade I have is '01 Petal', a pretty pink with shimmer in it.I dropped my old one a few days ago causing it to break, and I purchased a new one soon as possible! It's that good.  One of the things I love about it is that it's a blush and high lighter duo. You can use the pretty pink shade on it's own or swirl it with the highlighter to create lighter/shimmery petal pink colour.The blush, when applied with a soft hand is a light shimmery pink and can be build-able to a bright pink pop of colour. 

The highlighter is a soft  mixture of light gold and cream. Gold high lighters are one of the hottest trends for summer '11. I use the highlighter with other blushes too and it works great. It's a universally flattering colour, that will look great on all skin tones. 

The first one with flash and the second without

The spherical powder duo provides a perfect glide of application. The blush glides on like a dream, and combined with the highlighter it gives the perfect glow-from-within look. High levels of pearl give a stunning visual effect both within the dome and on the cheek, giving a pearly pink metallic finish.

  • This is for RS1700 (18$), which is a little pricey for a blush, but keep in mind that you're also getting a highlighter with the blush. I can't vouch that the blush lasts for up to 8 hours as The Body Shop claims and definitely is long lasting. It comes in a round see through packaging. The upside to the packaging  is that you you can see the cute spherical design and colour of the blush. It saves the hassle of rummaging in your make-up bag, you can spot it instantly. The downside is that it's not very strong. I dropped mine and the blush scattered in to pieces. In comparison, I dropped my NARS blush (yes, I am a dropper) and the blush was undamaged.  Despite the flimsy packaging the Baked-To-Last blush is worth the money. I highly recommend it!!

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    1. I never tried the blusher, but I have tried all eyeshadows from the collection and they are amazing!