Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: NARS Angelika Blush

The NARS Angelika is one of the most treasured make-up items in my collection. First of all, its NARS and secondly the colour is gorgeous! This blush was my first ever NARS purchase and words can't describe how excited I was when I got it.

One of my best friends, Sara S, lives in America and she sends me all the lovely things that aren't available in Pakistan. This particular blush is one of those lovely things. It took us ages to decide between Angelika and Orgasm. Guess who won? Yes, Angelika!

It's a gorgeous blue-toned baby doll pink with silver specks of glitter. The silver glitter is what I love most about it. Don't be alarmed if glitter isn't your thing, it doesn't seem to be noticeable on the skin, because it seems like the glitter disappears between the brush to the cheek! Even though it looks like a pretty baby pink blush in the pan, don't let it fool you, it's super pigmented. You have to apply it with a light hand because other wise, you'll just end up looking like a china doll -which has happened to me the first few times.:) The color blends out easily even if you overdo it, though this is a shade that you can’t go too overboard with. It's suitable for all skin tones, but it's ideal for those with a lighter skin tone.

The rubbery packaging is like all NARS blushes, which I like, but the one minus is that the rubbery package gets dirty pretty quickly. You'd have to store it in it's original cardboard package to avoid this. I don't mind the rubbery packaging because its strong and protects the product inside. I also have NARS Orgasm and it's slipped from my hand so many times ( :( ) and surprisingly it's still in one piece.

NARS is a high end brand so the prices also are in the higher end. I paid 27$ for it and I personally think it was worth of every penny. If you, like me, love girly, pretty, cool, cotton candy pink on your cheeks you will love this. This is the perfect pink for a girl to have in her makeup bag (or a basket in my case).

I've looked EVERYWHERE for NARS in Lahore and I can't find it anywhere. However there are countless copies/fakes available at Roop Singhar and Enem. You can buy NARS products from their website or Sephora

Any idea if NARS is available in Lahore?



  1. simply love it!!!(Rabia B)xx I really liked you tip for bloating as half of my fam is suffering from it lol!!

  2. i looove this blush! the swatch is very lovely.
    Great post.


  3. Lovely color. I`m on the hunt for NARS super orgasm as orgasm hardly shows on my skin.

  4. @Pandora's Box: Thank you. Let me know if you find NARS products in Pakistan. Super Orgasm is lovely, some might say even better than Orgasm.