Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD: Lincoln Park After Dark By O.P.I

I bought the LitesDarks mini set only because of Lincoln Park After Dark. I hadn't seen this individually at the stores or at Just4girls.pk. I've read so many blog posts and seen so many video's where this cult favorite would pop up. I really love dark nail colors!
 I am some one who frequently wears black (and often get asked by my 6 year old baby cousin why I choose to wear such a 'horrible color' on my nails. haha!), and this was right up ally.

O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark
Is it worth the hype? I don't know about anyone else, but I love it. One coat is a very deep plum-ish purple. The second coat takes this hybrid in it to the dark(er) side. In my opinion it looks very vampy, which I adore. Even though winter is gone, I know I am going to wear it all summer long. 
O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark
The mini bottles are so tiny!

The longevity of the O.P.I nail polishes is amazing! It is rare that a nail polish lasts more than two or three days on my nails without chipping (Barry M is an exception). Yes, it is a curse because I'm too lazy to change/remove them so soon after application. I've used two other O.P.I's including this one, and they've both lasted on my nails for at least a week. However Lincoln Park After Dark started chipping sooner compared to the other two I've used. I don't use any base or top coat. Like I said, I'm lazy. Also, it dries really quickly as well!

The only reason I have to think twice about buying O.P.I (okay, it's more of a deliberation going back and forth quite a few times) is the price
I've loved this one so much, that I have now ordered a full size. Just4girls.pk now stocks them individually.  *sigh* In my defence O.P.I is well worth the investment despite the hefty price tag (Rs850), but their color selection is endless and the quality is amazing.  

Have you tried O.P.I yet? If so which one is your favorite. 


  1. What a gorgeous gorgeous color. A deep rich blackish plum. And I totally agree, OPI has great lasting power and is so easy to apply. It also lasts a long time without the formula getting thick or dry. Some of my OPIs I have had for 3 years and they still haven't thickened. I'm loving their "skulls and glossbones" and "the one that got away" lately oh and also the muppets collection and a perfect toenail red is "An affair in red square". God! I need help!!!

  2. So do i! I'm going to try "An affair in red square" next. I love red on the toe nails

  3. I haven't tried OPI!! I know some body should shoot me! Shall definitely get my hands on it soon!!

  4. Oooh what a lovely colour! But you must wea a basecoat, I just use a clear nail varnish but apparently OPI do a really good basecoat/repairing basecoat, I think I might splurge on that! x x x

  5. lovely colors .. looks great on ur hands ... havent tried OPI yet :(