Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Tiny (Literally) Haul From Just4girls.pk

My order from Just4girls.pk arrived today! 

Honestly, I've been silently stalking this site for months. I've never placed an order before because I thought (and still do) that some of the things are over priced. However, one should not forget they're providing all these amazing things (over the months they have increased their list of enticing products) in the first place.

O.P.I's Lincoln Park After Dark has been on my wishlist for ages. I haven't seen it at the stores, and it wasn't individually available at Just4girls.pk either. When I saw it in this mini set I jumped at the chance, and ordered it at once. Just4girls.pk has won me over because the entire ordering process was so easy! I love that they're offering cash on delivery (among other payment methods)! I ordered the nail polishes on Saturday, and I promised myself I'd restrain from ordering anything else for at-least a couple of weeks.That promise was easily broken, because the very next day (Sunday) I ordered the Eco Tools brush set, which is now sold out.

I got a call from them yesterday (Monday) confirming my order, and the things arrived today. I love their fast service.

Love the pink-ness 

O.P.I Lites Darks mini set & Eco Tools Limited Collection Kabuki set

These brushes are all I need. I can't wait to use the contour and concealer brush. I was happy to see this brush set on Pandoras Boxs: 'Things I'm Loving List'.

Everything is so tiny, but I love it all. The brushes are super soft, and look at the cute designs <3. Linkin Park After Dark is everything I thought it would be. I adore it. Even though it's spring (we're going to be catapulted in to summer in no time :( ), I'm going to wear this dark shade as much as I can. It's the perfect hybrid between purple and black. 

I think Just4girls.pk is probably going to be my new addiction (*sigh* for my wallets sake I hope not). It was so easy placing the order and the delivery was fast as well. I have loved my shopping experience with this site! Have you ordered from them yet? If so, how was your experience?

PS. I got a little complimentary key chain


  1. This is such a cute haul :) Even I was on the hunt for the eco tools brush set after seeing it on Pandora's Box :)
    I always like to buy small nail paint bottles as they end fast :D

    Enjoy Linkin Park After Dark,, its a pretty awesome shade :)

    1. Hey namita, Lately I got this brainwave of buying small nail polishes, found it so cool since you can get a couple more nail polishes with spending extra instead of getting full sized ones. More nail polishes= more choice of colors :P

    2. Thank you :). Yes, they do run out of fast. I am hoping they don't run out too fast:P

  2. Aow, all the lil things look so cute. And yeah, some of the things are over-priced but atleast now you can get them in Pak.
    The nail polish colors are gawjus, you should try a NOTD with them :D
    Check my blog out,pretty please?

    1. I just checked out your blog, and it's great. I will definitely do a NOTD with this set.

  3. I agree just4girls is the best website out there for Pakistani girls.. their payment and ordering methods are so easy.the Eco tools brush set is so cool.

  4. Those lil brushes are really nice. Now that I have had them for a while, have learned to use them in a variety of ways. The contour blush is also great for applying blush. Very easy to control the amount of color you want on your cheeks. The bronzing brush works beautifully as a blush brush too if used vertically instead of it's natural contour shape. Thank u for mentioning my blog.
    I'm loving your mini OPI set. Girl we have got to stop buying OPI. I just ordered sand in my suit for the summers and am feeling extremely guilty right now :p
    P.s. I'm following you on twitter. DO you and your friend both handle that account?

    1. I know!!!!I'm still day dreaming of more OPI nail polishes and then I tell myself to STOP!haha!I'm going to keep all that in mind when I use the brushes.<3 Thank you for the advice.
      You are one of my favorite bloggers, i had to mention you <3. She knows the passwords but I usually handle the account.

  5. wow looks like some amazing products :)

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    just wanted to let you know, I gave you the versatile blogger award!
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  7. ooh I love the mini OPI polishes, they are so cute!

  8. Please do a review on the nail varnishes please! I have heard good things about OPI!