Saturday, 17 March 2012

Big Splurge: Collective Haul

I have been guilty of shopping these days. Shopping a lot! I went out with my friend Aroosa and got a few things that had been on my wishlist. At the same time I had ordered a couple of more things from as well. Yesterday, I went out with Anum and made a tiny little purchase again.

I bought these from the Accessorize sale. For Rs195 these were a steal

 Don't judge me, I love quirky earrings. 
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

This is my favorite purchase from Accessorize. I love the bag! The picture does not do it justice. It's pink (yes, the prettiest of pinks). It can be buttoned down from the sides to look like this 

Or a tote bag
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 
Accessorize Mcgregor Bag 

I highly recommend everyone to check out the Chocomania stuff from The Body Shop. It smells SO good. Just like real chocolate!!!! I've used this scrub and I really,really like it. Yes, it's something I shall be repurchasing. The Chocomania lip butter is really cute too. 
Smells heavenly

Two weeks ago my friend Anum and I got manicure/pedicures. I chose the deep red one for my toes and I fell in love with it. It's called I'm Not Really A Waitress and it's a metallic red shimmery color. It looks gorgeous on the toes. I was intially planning on buy it next month. Then had Rs 100 off on O.P.I polishes and I ended up buying Lincoln Park After Dark as well. (btw has a larger selection of O.P.I nail colors than the local stores who carry them)

My hair had been misbehaving for weeks. It was dry and limp and curl-less. I tried two conditioners hoping my hair would get better and it didn't. It only looked good on days when I oiled (??) it the night before. I  bought the Aussie conditioner from, and I love it. 
I was disappointed at the size of the bottle though. With what I paid I thought the bottle was going to be bigger. Still, I'm also going to be repurchasing this when the times comes. It's worth it. 

Anum and I went out for lunch yesterday and then later stopped at Al-Fatah (Defence). I got so excited when  I saw they had Lipcote! It's been on my wishlist forever. For Rs300 I didn't think it was a bad purchase. Anum bought two O.P.I's nail polishes. I restrained from buying more, even though I liked a shocking pink one. 

*sigh* No more hauls till next month. 


  1. I can't believe you got the lipcote for Rs.300 only. WOW! Great price. Love the bag! It's beautiful :) nice haul <3

  2. ooh Chocomania line looks so yummmy! ;)
    ..Great haul :)

  3. Awesome Haul dear :)
    I have the same set of bangles from accessorize :)
    and that bag is very pretty :) I love the color and the fact that you can change its shape too :)

    <3 :)

  4. That's a gorgeous bag. So versatile.And those little teapot earrings are really cute.
    I'm a huge fan of Aussie conditioners too. Great haul.

  5. awesome haul .. some great purchases .. and i love that bag :)

  6. Haul are always so lovely and yummy =P
    Tote is really nice. xxx

  7. The bag is gorgeousss! Loved your haul. Could you tell the price of it?

    1. Thank you :). The bag is for Rs4950

  8. Love your haul! chocomania loves so delicious!! <3

  9. The bag is SO nice and perfect pastel for this season! Love the teapot earrings too! I tried the chocomania but was tooo chocolatey for me (as if that is even possible?)! nail varnish review on the red opi please! x xx