Friday, 23 March 2012

NOTD: Ombre Nails

I was going through my nail polishes today and I realized that I had a lot of colours in different shades. I had enough pinks, purples and oranges to do ombre nails. I decided to do purples ombre nails first. Apparently I am all about the purples these days, because my last two NOTD have also been purples. Oh, well another one won't hurt. 

Ombre nails were very trendy last year. Lauren Conrad was pictured sporting them a couple of times on the red carpet. You can see her attempts here

I used these five nail polishes which I've had forever. Out of the five the 17 one is my favourite. It's such a pretty, pinky lilac.This is the sequence I've used them in.

Left to right- Barry M Limited Edtion 024, Barry M Berry Ice Cream, 17 Nail Polish in  Sweet Kisses

Rimmel Purple Reign, Asda Nail Polish in Lilac 28 

Normally, with ombre nails you paint your pinky the darkest and subsequently paint the next nail a shade lighter. Today I decided to paint it the lightest (honestly, I forgot and I thought the pinky was supposed to be the lightest. We're going to pretend that I did it on purpose). Ombre nails are still very trendy this year as well. They're perfect for spring, because they show the transition from winter to spring/summer.

Have you tried this trend?


  1. These are some gorgeous shades. I agree, perfect for spring! <3 :)

  2. The Asda polish is really pretty too! Love it :)

  3. awww your hands look so cute :) :)

  4. How cuteee! I love the look so on trend atm I am going to have to try it out!

  5. wowwww beautiful , good job dear :)

  6. Ombre nails ? Pretty idea. love the shades.... your nails are small like me. Still beautiful!