Monday, 26 March 2012

Diary Of A Traumatised Sana/Safinaz Fanatic

I just came back a while ago from the Sana/Safinaz exhibition. I usually go with my sister who does all the pushing and shoving. Me, I'm not like that at all. Today she had university and couldn't go to the exhibition with me. I wanted to get there early because I know from experience that they sell out fast.

Before I dropped her off, we stopped by Saleem Fabrics and it was closed. Half an hour later, when I came back after dropping her, the place was full and the suits had already started selling out. The one I wanted (2a) had sold out. I stood there amongst all the aunties- lost!!

This year they had the stupidest system. You had to get sales person, fill out the card they were giving out  (basically tick the ones you wanted) and they got it to for you. They had to stand amongst all the other sale guys and shout their heads off till the person at the other end gave them the suits. Then, they had to escort the women downstairs and make the bill. There were more women than the sales people. It was horrible. (this is why I like my ready made suits).

For half an hour I tried to shout and push and do all those things that I should have done. Finally, I gave up and went outside to get my driver. I am embarrassed to say that my driver did the job better than I did. Obviously, he didn't push or scream but he managed to get a hold of a sales guy and get the ball rolling. We had to stay there for another half hour but we managed to get 2 suits (one for me and my cousin). In an hours time most of the suits were sold out.

I didn't get the one I wanted though. I wanted either of the two pinks (2a or 12a), but thankfully I managed to get 12b which is just as pretty. Honestly, I would have just left if I hadn't promised my cousin I'd get one for her.

When I got home my sister called me and was surprised that I managed to buy two suits on my own. I wish they'd had a better system, but mostly I wish aunties would calm down and stop acting as if it would be the end of the world if they didn't get hands on another lawn suit (you can bet good money they went to all the designer exhibitions).

The pictures I took do not do justice to the craziness.
 (the suits on display are not Sana/Safinaz)

Did you go to any of the 'designer lawn' exhibitions this year? Do you even bother going? I just attended this one, and don't plan on any other till next year! 


  1. oh thats horrible darling... its 26th and we have sns exhibition here too but I wont go I cant stand all the crowed. I prefer to buy ready made dresses like you and when I buy lawn unstiched I buy from stores not from exhibitions..

  2. WOW. Your cousin is a lucky girl to have someone like you!

  3. Ahhh I would probably suffocate in there! You have wayy more stamina than me haha

  4. whoa this is insane! I have never seen anything like this. I never go to these because I can never shop in a hectic situation

  5. Haha! This post is disturbingly funny :)Loving your pick.

  6. hahahah OMG i can imagine the aunties going crazyyyyy :D