Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Smelling Funky? Don't Sweat It!

I dread summers in Lahore! Why? First of all its unbearably hot and secondly the loadshedding makes it ten times worse. The one thing I always try to stock up on is a patkari, also known as alum stone and crystal deodorant. This stone can easily be found in Lahore or any other part of the world. My cousin and I swear by this. You can use this anywhere on your body and I guarantee that you'll stay odourless all day.

I've used this before going to the gym or going for a walk, and I've never had a problem of smelling sweaty. I just rub it once or twice in my arm pits, and I'm good to go. Obviously nothing transfers on your skin because it's just a stone, but for some reason it controls body odour in the best way possible. When I'm going out I spray my favourite perfume after using the patkari, and it helps make the scent last longer.

Patkari/Alum stone crystal deodorants are composed of potassium alum. It is a natural crystal, potassium alum is totally unprocessed and is free from synthetic ammonium. These stones are natural and have been used as deodorants for ages. The Body Shop have an entire line of roll on deodorant made of crushed patkari.

What you can do is crush the alum stone and mix it with rose water and store the mixture in an empty roll on deodorant bottle. Why spend extra at The Body Shop when you can make the same thing at home? If you don't want to go through the extra trouble, just store the stone in a dry place and use it when required.

These stones are safe both for the skin and environment. These non-toxic and hypoallergenic stones can be applied to anywhere on the body and are multi functional. Patkari is free from chemicals, perfumes and preservatives. 

Lahore is extremely, extremely hot at the moment and its a relief knowing that I don't have to be concious of B.O all the time!



  1. LOVE the heading, made me loL! I want one of these rocks! I hope they aren't sharp! x x x

  2. Great post! I am going to look for this :)

  3. ohh niicee!! but it sounds soo weird =P =P

  4. thanks:)!These rocks aren't sharp and yes, it does sound a little weird but it works great:).

  5. i heard they are good for getting rid of hair o_o is that true???

    1. I honestly don't know because I haven't experienced less hair growth, if thats what you mean. I wish it did work that way though, because it'd be even more of a blessing