Friday, 17 June 2011

♥ If I was a boy, I'd be like my DAD! ♥

Fathers Day Cards at Zazzle

Wohoo, our much awaited Happy Fathers Day is about to arrive and as our mothers keep reminding us that fathers turn out to be best friends for their daughters, we truly didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some amazing tips so you too can make this year’s Fathers Day a memorable one!

I remember when I was around 5 and really wanted a Walkman (iPods didn’t even exist then! *roll eyes*) and grew so cranky about it that I went on hunger strike! Literally, yes! The entire picture comes back to my mind when I was in tears and he came up to me and said, ‘Oh my baby is crying, see what I got for you’, saying this he took out the walkman which he was trying to hide and gave it to me with that BIG BEAR HUG!

There have been endless moments in life when I saw my dad try his best just to see that twinkle in my eyes! Today, when I have an identity of my own, I still don’t feel I’d exist if I didn’t had his surname and most importantly that shelter, love and secuirty by my side! I am sure every daughter out there feels the same, so let’s stop being emotional about it and get ALL SET to make the most of this upcoming special day!

Gifts, clothing to gadgets, can be easily bought from the market and there is nothing what you may call, less in variety! Come on, you got to think a bit differently! Homemade? – Yes, this is what I have been working on!

Remember the time when you were only a child and would make cards especially for your parents’ to admire how creative you were! Make a card! It still possesses as high a value as any other product. Show your adorable daddy your creativity at this age, trust me, you will experience endless amount of emotions oozing from within!

Not to forget, the cake! It is sooo easy to bake a cake! My dad has a sweet tooth and can never resist sweets! I am gonna make a chocolate cake and get some whipped cream to make it all the more tempting! ;)

Yes, I am getting a proper gift as well because dad is always happy like a kid when I give him something I've worked hard for! He always seems so proud and excited! I really cant miss the chance seeing that sparkle in his eyes this year again! I am so tired of seeing his watch that I am now getting a new one! (He loves wearing watches!) Any suggestions of a good brand?

Explore your dad’s wardrobe? Is it a tie that he would want or an alarm clock? A cigar or a simple flower? (now that rhymed! J) Would a shirt make him smile or is a gadget on this things-to-get list! Get going guys! We’re always so busy to let emotions rush in our lives. These are days when you can make that special person feel the most loved person in your life!

Reminisce all your childhood memories and make the most of Fathers Day! As I sign off, I wish all the fathers out there “Happy Fathers Day” (it's coming this Sunday) as it is only because of them that we stand proud and confident of who we are today! For those, who don’t have their fathers beside them, remember, he has his eyes on you and is still holding your hand!

Happy Fathers Day again! Enjoy! J
                        -          Aroosa

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