Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hot Trend Alert: Circular And Cat Eye Sunglasses

Round/Circular shaped sunglasses
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I love my square shaped sunglasses,and I'm going to be sad to put them in the back-burner for now because this season they have been over shadowed by some new trends.This summer it seems the kitten and wayfarer frames have strong competition, the round glasses! They were highlighted accessories in the catwalk of Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren and Dries Van Noten. 

All the fashion bibles (magazines) insist that round sunglasses evoke elegance and classic style. They are a modern reinterpretation of the original classic that promises to keep you looking celeb-chic. Round glasses were recently popularised by Lady Gaga who has been wearing them all the time since “Paparazzi” video.  Nicole Richie has been rocking the round sunglasses since the past two years, and now celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen have also joined the bandwagon. 

Kitten/Cat eye Sunglasses
My 5 year old cousin posing with my sunglasses
I'm going to stick to my cat eye sunglasses, and so is Aroosa. I bought my new ones recently and I heart them. I like to believe they're quite similar to the one's Lauren Conrad is wearing in her picture :)) (above). You can find really cute ones at Accessorize, Next, and Charles and Keith. Even though it's fun to try new trends, I don't think I can pull off the circular frames,can you? Which trend are you leaning towards?

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