Friday, 17 June 2011

Summer Reading: The Mortal Instruments Series

The first three books

The Mortal Instruments series is a must read for all those who love magic, myths and classic love stories. This series is highly addictive, and incredibly fun to read.  If you like the Twilight series (which I'm not a big fan of) you're going to LOVE this one. The Mortal Instrument books are far more believable and they suck you in to the world of make believe where shadow hunters, vampires, fairies and warlocks come to life. It's an epic tale between good and evil and how can we forget the main ingredient-true love?

I love watching Supernatural and most of the books I read are filled with myths and legends, this was right up my alley. My younger sister Tanya, got these books and when she started reading them she wouldn't stop talking about Jace. Yes, remember the name! Once you start reading the name you'll probably find yourself falling in love with his charms and witty sense of humour as well. Not only will you fall in love with Jace, you'll find yourself changing favourites with every twist and turn in the book. That rarely happens, doesn't it?

I am in awe of Clare, the author. She has created a world where not only magic but countless myths and legends exist, and she makes you believe in all of it. There isn't a single moment in the book in which you roll your eyes. Clare's epic tale pops out of its pages and entices the reader to keep going. 

The author has dipped her pen in the deep resources of fairy lore and epic tales, and what is obvious is how well crafted each characters is. They are well rounded, three dimensional characters and of all them are created with acute detail which makes them highly relate able. The plot is tight, twisting, and full of surprises. City of Bones is the first of a series—The Mortal Instruments—and it promises great things to come.

This series is that ever-so-rare rare creature these days—well-crafted young adult fiction where at least all of the teenagers (and really really old warlocks and various other creatures) are both likable and believable. Despite their magical and supernatural existence all the characters problems or issues are universal-which makes the very humane.  

Before the first novel reaches its ending point, Clary (the protagonist) will get used to sexy teen-aged boys covered in tattoos (ruins), really cool flying motorcycles powered by things best not thought about, awesomely cool weapons, werewolves who are allies in the Shadowhunters' war, vampires who most decidedly are not friendly, flirtations with being in love, self discovery, lessons about the dangers of finding out what you didn't know, and much more. It this a fast-paced novel? Yes, indeed. With each book in the series, the story line and plot just keeps getting better and better. There are moments in the books where you want to laugh out loud at the witty humour and bite your lips in anticipation as the plot keeps thickening.  

Clare, has created two worlds with ease and brilliance, our world and the magical one, she's done justice to both. While reading the books you will have a one foot in the real world and the other in the one that is filled with magic. This series will have you hooked and make you believe in magic all over again. Its a perfect summer read, that can go on all summer long (there are four books in the series). 

Happy reading!

Are you guys in to these type of books? Do you think you're curious enough to at least read the first book?

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  1. this has my interest piqued!! i'm also looking for the chain reaaction, i hope i can get them here cheap in khi!! thanks for sharing x