Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pakistani Style: Uth Oye! Hoodie

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but I'm in Nathiagali (a hill station ) with my family and the internet here sucks. The weather is amazing though, and I'm dreading going back to Lahore tomorrow. In honour of this trip my youngest sister ordered a hoodie from Uth Oye!, which I thought I'd show you guys.

Isn't it cute? Tanya has been wearing it non-stop, because she knows she won't get a chance to wear it in Lahore any time soon. She's been raving about the quality as well! I've been told that its super soft and cosy-my sister is very particular about her new things. She prefers that they be looked at and not touched. :p

Uth Oye!'s service is amazing!She ordered it online and they called her the same day asked her for details for delivery purposes. My favourite part of their online service is that you don't a credit card to order anything from the site, you can pay on delivery!(only in Pakistan)

Their hoodie's are available on their facebook page at the moment, and you can order it from there.

Uth Oye! delivers to seven countries. You can check out their website here



  1. Lovely hoody :) My hubby got a few shirts from them and everything about them is just amazing =)
    Saw your blog post on Sara's guest blog posts :)
    Dun forget to visit mine :)

  2. Love this hoodie!