Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hot Trend Alert: Feather Earrings And Feather Hair Extentions

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This post should have been written a month ago, I'm sorry I'm just very lazy, ask Aroosa:).

The boho trend that’s shaping up to be a real influence on summer 2011 style has quietly made itself known through the slow but steady increase in crocheted duds, maxi dresses, and hippie-inspired cuts and patterns, both on the runway and off. One of my favourite accessories that has been inspired  by this trend are the feather earrings.

Everyone is obsessed with feather earrings and hair extensions in a big way. All the celebrities have been trying to in-cooperate this trend in to their every day style (Demi Lavato tends to over do it a little), and all the YouTube Beauty Guru's can't stop raving about this trend either. 

There's the enchanting appeal of feather earrings gracing your ears. It’s not that feathers were never popular before, because they were, but now they’re brighter, bigger, and more decorative than ever! The reason why I love this trend is, because its very boho chic. If you're feeling feathery, the time is now

Stars like Vanessa Hudgens have also been spotted wearing it on one ear like Lucy Hale

Don't try to do over do it though: (she's wearing feather earrings and huge chunky hair extensions at the same time)

This is what the feather hair extensions look like. They're available in a variety of colours at Sephora. Fleur (the one in the picture below) bought hers from here. In her video she said that these hair extensions can be used with straighteners and curling irons as well. 

(One of my favourite YouTube Gurus )
Feather hair extensions

I'm not sure if feather hair extensions are available in Lahore, but you can get your hands on the earrings at Accessorize. I bought my earrings from Accessorize for RS.800, which I think is quite a bargain. They had a few other colours to choose from like black, black and white and grey. I really wanted the grey ones because they were SO pretty, but my friend Sara kept talking me out of buying them and I ended up buying the blue ones instead.

I love the blue feather earrings because they add the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise boring outfit. 

My earrings

The ones I wanted

Are you going to try this trend or will you let this one pass?



  1. Ill definitely try this Sana!!!!!

  2. Yeah, i've started a little business applying feather extensions to my friends' and other people's hair. Almost broken even. It's a great trend, in my opinion! :)

  3. I am looking out for feather hair extension in karachi but havent got my hands on this yet...i want to have them badly