Monday, 20 June 2011

Video Tutorial: Lauren Conrad's Signature Ballerina Bun

I started noticing the rise (haha!) of the ballerina bun when Lauren Conrad started styling her hair like this (obviously). After that I've noticed a lot of celebrities styling their hair in a ballerina bun. 

The ballerina bun is such a cute look for so many reasons. It’s classic, it’s quick, it can make you look taller, and you can wear it with almost anything! The ballerina bun can be worn high up on the top of your head or down lower near the back of your neck. Either way, our favorite ”go-to-do” for anyone with collar bone length hair or longer.

• Tools: 1″ barrell curling iron, clear elastic or pony tail holder, smoothing + updo brush, 4-6 large bobby pins, firm holding hairspray.
• Using a 1 inch curling iron quickly curl all of your hair under.
• Flip hair over and gather into a high ponytail securing with an elastic or ponytail holder.
• Using your smoothing brush, back comb (lightly tease) hair. (This will help the bun look more voluminous!)
• Twist hair and wrap around the base to create your bun shape.
• Insert bobby pins along the base of the bun, securing it to your head.
• Spray all over with a firm holding hairspray and smooth down fly-aways.
Quick Tip: Shake your head side to side to make sure it’s really secure before you  finish

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