Thursday, 2 June 2011

Review: Rimmel London Jelly Gloss And Royal Gloss [Summer Must Haves]

Royal Gloss in: Yummy and Jelly Gloss in 110 

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Lip glosses are my favourite make-up items. I just can't get enough of them, I'm always wanting more. A few weeks ago I was at a friend's place and had plans to go out for lunch. Before heading out I tried one of her glosses. It was the Rimmel London Royal Gloss in Yummy. I remember falling in love with the colour instantly and I don't even want myself to get started on the taste, it was yummy (hence the name)!!

A few weeks later I bought the gloss for myself. I'd forgotten the name of the gloss by then, and I bought it by judging the taste of the gloss. Ha!Ha! Yes, really! It comes in a really cute tube, almost identical to their (discontinued) jelly gloss line. The only difference is that its slightly bigger. 

The Royal Gloss is enriched with vitamins A,C & E, and is available in ten shades. The one that I have, Yummy is a peachy pink without any shimmer in it. The texture isn't thick, it goes on smooth and is incredibly glossy/shiny. Most days I just wear it by itself, without any lipstick underneath. The gloss has a sheer wash of colour, with midium pigmentation, is non-sticky and feels really smooth on my lips. It is long lasting as well. It's perfect for summer, because in this season less is more, and for most days this type of gloss is more than enough. It comes with a squeeze tube applicator, which in my opinion is best for applying without a mirror. So its ideal for touch ups, on the go. 

The Rimmel London Royal Gloss has been in my handbag for weeks, and I've been using it almost every day.The other Rimmel London gloss that is a favourite is from their discontinued (I'm guessing because it's not mentioned on the site) Jelly Gloss. It is a clear gloss with prettiest shimmer in it. The gloss looks lovely when worn alone, but I apply it over a lipstick. Since it has a squeeze tube applicator, the colour of the lipsticks doesn't transfer in to the gloss ( I hate it when that happens). The Jelly Gloss is the one gloss that always stays on my dressing table, and not in my bag, because it's the only gloss I apply over a lipstick and I'm afraid of losing it. The shimmer in it looks very very pretty over any lipstick. You can find an almost identical shade in the Royal Gloss line. The clear gloss which is called Gourmet in the their latest line, but doesn't have any shimmer in it though.

These glosses are around Rs. 450 (7$), and with this sweet price you can stock up on a couple of shades!!:))

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