Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pakistani Style: Uth Oye!

Remember the Zardari shoe throwing incident last year?

These two are some of my favourites

One of the things I love about Pakistanis is our sense of humour, which I think makes us survivors. We take all the bad with a dose of laughter, be it load-shedding, heartless/conscience less government, the rising prices, oh and let's not forget our Meera! There's always a joke on any of these and other subjects to soften the blow.Another thing I love about Pakistanis is how we're always rising above to help our own people. Over the years the people have contributed a great deal to help keep this country and it's people together (earth quake, IDPs and flood).

'Uth Oye' is just one of the examples of Pakistan's awesomeness. Uth Oye! is a socially conscious, cause based design initiative - they actively devise and fund sustainable projects within the educational, human rights, renewable energy and developmental sectors of Pakistan. Their mission is "to be awesome".

They provide solar lamps to remote villages, help under privileged schools, and provide RS.5 (!!) meals to the needy, just to name a few. For more detail you can check out their causes page here.

I'm in love with their Tees! They're unique, quirky and stylish with an edge.Uth Oye t-shirts are witty, funny,trendy and they perfectly embody the Pakistani sense of humour. With Uth Oye you're helping people and you're doing it with style! Can it get better than that? I don't think so.The best thing about the T-shirts is that they're perfect to make a style statement with and you can dress them up with a few accessories for a night out! The t-shirts are for RS.999 (12$).


Uth Oye ships worldwide to seven countries, including USA, UK,UAE and Canada. They opened their flagship store in Lahore earlier this year at Ali Towers, M.M Alam Road. You can order their stuff online and pay cash on delivery (only valid in Pakistan). The Uth Oye flagship store has jeans, hoodies. accessories and art prints. You can check out their website here!


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