Thursday, 9 June 2011

Product Review: Zoya's ' The Herbal Workshop'

Zoya's 'The Herbal Workshop' is a relatively small herbal brand with some superb products. I've been using its products for a while now, and thought I'd do a review on some of my favourites. Keep in mind all their things are based on herbal extracts and natural oils which are brought to you in a modem presentation. All its preparations are environment friendly and biologically compatible.

Ajwain: I've been using their 'Ajwain' for months now, and it is by far my favourite out of everything I've tried so far. Ajwain is ideal for weight reduction and water retention. All you have to do is soak a pinch of the Ajwain grains in a glass of water over night and drink it on an empty stomach the next morning. How easy is that? Obviously its not miracle worker and you don't get thin instantly nor is it going to bring about a dramatic change. It only releases water retention and boosts your metabolism (which is equal to a pound or two). It's just a natural way for your body to release water retention and prevent bloating. It does have slightly weird taste to it, which you will get used to. Don't worry though, the taste won't make you gag!

Does it work? Yes, it does! It keeps me from bloating and boosts my metabolism. I have seen a difference in myself. Its something I buy every month.

Apricot and Orange Scrub: I bought this scrub this month, and I've been loving it so far. It's a creamy scrub with very tiny grains in it. It feels light on my skin and doesn't leave my skin dry afterwards. Usually scrubs tend to cause breakouts for me and I haven't experienced any breakouts with this one! It claims to remove white and blackheads, so far I haven't seen a difference! However, it has given my skin a glowy radiant look.One of the best thing about it though is the smell, I LOVE it. It has a very light fresh spicey orangey scent ! Since it's a mild scrub, it can be used daily. This scrub is something I can see myself repurchasing for sure (Rs. 185).

Foot&Hand Massage Cream: I'm in love with this cream. It's the lightest foot and hand cream that I've ever tried and it leaves the skin feeling soft for a very long time. It has a pleasant fruity smell, which fades away in the first hour. My hands and feet get super dry in the summer and this cream has helped me keep them moisturised. It sinks in to the skin like a dream and doesn't leave  a greasy residue on the surface (which some of my old creams did)!

Foot&Hand Scrub: I actually bought this one by mistake. I thought I'd picked up the Foot&Hand cream and when i got home I realized my mistake. It's still something I love though. I don't use it often, but it has helped me maintain my hands by removing all the dead skin cells. Its great for dark ankles and cracked heels. It is a great product but I don't see myself buying this every month. It also has the same pleasant fruity smell like the cream. 

Here are a few of the products that haven't worked out for me:

Fruit Pack: I used this a few times years ago, and it broke me out in a horrible way. I can't even bare the sight of it now:p!

Orange Face Mask: I'm not sure if this is still available in the market, but I would stay way from it if it is. The smell of the face mask was almost unbearable and it did nothing to the skin either!


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