Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Up-Coming Bollywood Release: Delhi Belly

Has any one gotten the chance to catch the trailers for Imran Khan's new movie Delhi Belly? Well I hadn't!I'm so out of touch with the Bollywood scene. The only Bollywood film I'm waiting for is Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One. I came across the trailer for Delhi Belly on YouTube. I thought Imran Khan was going to give us another cute romcom, and I was shockingly surprised! 

Delhi Belly is different!Yes, I know that's what they all say but this IS!The first time I watched it I was shocked. Yesterday my friend Sara and I were discussing how crude Bollywood jokes have become. I just watched the trailer again, even though I'm still recovering from my initial shock I couldn't help laughing at all the craziness. (My favourite part is the dynamite in the guys behind. Haha!) This is not my type of humour but I think I'm warming up to it.

Is this something you'd like to watch? Is this your type of humour?


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