Thursday, 30 June 2011

Barely There Islamabad Haul: Afghani Earrings

I went to Nathiagali with my family last week for a few days. I had full intentions to do a little shopping, but I didn't end up buying anything. However, on the way back to Lahore we did stop at Islamabad for a bit. My sister always makes us stop at one of her favourite book stores whenever we're in Islamabad, and while she was in the book store I found an Afghani jewellery seller near by.

View from Nathiagali

I love Afghani jewellery because it has a vintage feel to it! I always find myself rushing towards Afghani jewellery sellers when I'm in Islamabad. These are the earrings that I bought this time. I was in a rush so I didn't have time to bargain, but as soon as put them against my ears I instantly fell in love with them.

These earrings are a little heavy, but I don't mind that at all. They are a similar to Pakistani/Indian traditional chandelier earrings but with an Afghani flair to them, don't you think? I think these type of earrings look great with any outfit, casual or formal.

The earrings are silver and have tiny golden balls hanging at the bottom.

Are you fond of this type of jewellery?


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  1. I like the heading of the post barely there haul....:P
    I thought these r called indian earrings thanks for correcting me....
    Lovely post