Friday, 17 June 2011

Feeling Bloated? Here's A Quick Cure!

We all hate the feeling of being bloated, don't we? When we feel puffy like cotton candy (ha!ha! At least hat's how I imagine it)? This usually happens when we eat something that doesn't suit us or when we're near 'that' time of month. Here's a quick cure to make all the puffiness go away.

Mix a tea spoon of soda by carbonate (soda by carb) in a glass of water (there's probably some laying around in your house. It's often used in making pakora's). Stir it well, and drink it up! Trust me, it does wonders. You can actually feel the puffiness puffing away. Soda by carb also helps curing constipation and gassiness. 

I bloat/get super puffy near 'that' time of the month and this is a life saver for me!My face swells up too, and water + a tea spoon of soda by carbonate starts working within minutes to reduce all that. Don't worry about the taste, its tolerable! Once you get used to it, you won't even notice the taste.
Is this something you go through as well? 

(This doesn't make you lose weight, it just helps the swelling in the body go down)



  1. Nashmia loved it(Rabia.B)...Thankyou Sana k <3