Thursday, 28 July 2011

Review: Luscious Bold Metallic Eye Liner In Rockstar

I'm constantly on the hunt for good eye pencils and kajals because I can never find one that stays on my water line for more than ten minutes. I'm not exaggerating, after ten minutes I start looking like a raccoon. I hardly ever wear eye pencil on my water line because it's just pointless for me. There have been times recently when I've given in to the temptation to wear an eye pencil, poor Aroosa has to keep wiping of the access with a cotton swab.

A few weeks ago, I bought the Luscious Bold Metallic Waterproof Eye liner in Rockstar. This is what Luscious says about their Bold Metallic eye liners, 'a waterproofsmudge-prooffade-proof formula that glides on for a long-lasting finish. At last, an eye-liner pencil that keeps its promises!' After purchasing it, I swatched it on my hand for my sister while we were still in the car. I rubbed my finger over the swatched area to check if it was actually smudge proof. I was so disappointed when it not only smudged but disappeared within seconds. After my initial disappointment, I decided to try it out nonetheless. 

After using it almost every day for weeks, I can honestly say I love it. It lasts forever, and it does not budge from the waterline. It does get a little lighter, but I think I'm the only one who actually notices that.

It did not apply as softly as I would have liked. I had to rub it on the back of my hands to soften it up. Since then I've sharpened it once, and now it applies like a dream. It goes on really black, with a hint of silver shimmer to it. The shimmer does transfer on to your waterline, and it looks gorgeous.

I've rubbed my eyes while wearing this eye liner and it did not smudge or give me raccoon eyes. Just to check if it was actually water proof, I swatched the eye liner on the back of my hand and held it under running water. It did NOT smear, smudge or fade. It works really well in this hot and humid weather. Trust me, if it can work for me, it can work on anyone. My sisters have already started stealing borrowing it.

Luscious, has done an amazing job with these eye liners. They're available in eight dazzling shades in all leading stores nationwide. They're for RS 245, which is pretty cheap considering you're getting a really good product. I can't wait to get my hands on Metallic Purple and Aque Blue <3!

Is this something you're excited to try out? Do you have the same problem I do?



  1. Gorgeous color. And great price too. I shall have thou my precious on my next trip to bazar.

  2. yeah Sana,just yesterday I was discussing this wid my friend n here you came with the solution...
    cant thankyou enough cause today I had to go to luscious counter to get my favourite lipstick n now I will get there kajal also....
    I love the price too

  3. this looks really great! have you bought any lipsticks from them? i never know if they are good or not

  4. @Soniya: Aaaaaaaw Soniya glad I could help:):):)!

    @Sidrah:Yes, the pencil is good. No, I haven't tried any of their lipsticks yet. But I will and let you know what I think about them.

  5. gorgeous color i have the same pencil in blue color will review soon

  6. Looking forward to your review:)! The blue one is on my wishlist.