Sunday, 17 July 2011

Celebrity Obsession: First Picture Of Harper Seven Beckham

We finally get a glimpse of Harper Seven Beckham! She's the only celebrity baby I was excited about. Harper is going to be the most stylish baby ever!!!!! Move over Suri Cruise we have a new (baby) fashionista in town.

Victoria Beckham just posted this picture of her new baby girl, captioned "daddy's little girl". He looks totally enamoured by his baby girl. David put his mother-daughter shot on his facebook page.

According to People, their daughter's first name, Harper, is an old English name that Victoria has always been a fan of. As for Seven, that one's a bit more complicated than you may think. Not only is 7 David's Manchester United and England jersey number, it's also a very spiritual number. In addition, Harper was born in the 7th hour of the day on the 7th day of the week and the 7th month of the year!

What are your thoughts on her name, Harper Seven Beckham?


  1. AW this is soo cute, interesting to know why they named her seven

  2. Hahaha! Yes, because Seven is just so random otherwise:)!