Monday, 11 July 2011

Review: Bourjois Docteur Glamour Lipstick In 11 Rose Retabli

11 Rose retabli

I've had Bourjois Docteur Glamour lipstick in 11 Rose retabli for over a year now, and its definitely one of my go-to lipsticks. It's supposed to be an intensive moisturising lipstick, even though it doesn't do much in the moisturising department for me, the colour more than makes up for it. Rose Retabli is a creamy pigmented peachy pink shade that’s super glossy and glides on effortlessly giving an ultra shiny, radiant colour. It's the perfect warm toned pink which will look good on any skin tone. 

Is it extremely moisturising? No, it's not, but on the other hand its not drying either. It does feel very smooth and light weight on the lips though and it glides on like a dream because of its balmy texture. It has a shiny finish to it, which some have compared to MAC's Glaze formula. 

I love the colour! It's the perfect peachy pink ever.You can keep it as light as you want or build it up for a more darker shade. I just apply it lightly on my lips and for some reason it makes my lips appear fuller. What I love to do after applying this lipstick is, dab some lip balm over it- preferably The Body Shop's shimmer lip balm. I love the effect this combination gives me, my lips appear fuller, and it gives a sultry yet simple look. 

The packaging is really cute. It reminds me a little of the new revamped Dior Addict Lipstick packaging, it's top comes of just like the Dior one. The packaging strong and can easily be carried in your purse for touch ups. (Don't worry the top won't come off in your purse/travel bag)

With such a pretty shade you can't go wrong! 

This review is specially for one of our favourite readers, you know who you are :).

PS. Bourjois can be found at stores like Chanel (It's in Liberty. Its right under Enem) and Colour Collection (Defence)! You can find few products (like face powder etc) from Bourjois at these type of stores, not the entire collection. I'm sorry I have no idea about the price, because it was given to me as a present. 



  1. what a pretty shade....:) loved it...

  2. Wow, that colour is amazing :) and you're right about the packaging, it's adorable ^^

  3. this is such a gorgeous shade!

  4. Thank you for reviewing it Sana!!!
    The color is gorgeous and it is definitely going in my wish list:)

  5. @ everyone: yes its a lovely shade:)!