Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pakistani Style: Khaadi Kurta's= Love

Out of all the boutique's in Lahore Khaadi is my favourite! I'm pretty much obsessed with it. It was my birthday a week ago and I got two new Kurta's. Yay! One I purchased myself. 

(Post's like these might be helpful for those Pakistani's who live abroad and want to know what the latest fashion these days is.It could also be helpful for all those who live here and haven't been to Khaadi in a while.)

My friend Aroosa and I were supposed to be window shopping the day I bought this one. I went to try a couple of the kurta's just for the sake of it, and both of us fell in love with this one. Obviously both of us gave in to the temptation (ha!ha!That does not sound right :p). 
 I also got this for my best friend who lives in Dubai. I showed it to my aunt and the next day she got one for herself as well.
This pretty white and blue frock has really exaggerated dropped corners and pleats on the sleeve and above the chest. 

Even though it looks really simple, when paired with white tights or churidaar it looks so GOOD!

This is one my birthday presents. This is something I wouldn't have gotten for myself. That is why I'm so happy I got it as a present because I got to try something I wouldn't have picked out for myself and still love it. I pair it with black tights. It's really loose and has a hint of dropped corners. The sleeves can either be worn normally or buttoned up half way.

I got this as a birthday present as well. I wore it to a friends get together last weekend and it got so many compliments. This is probably my favourite out of the three. This one has a dropped corner thingy in the middle which has pretty thread work tracing all around it. 

I haven't been to Generation in ages. Their quality has deteriorated so much this year. I would love to know which of the two you prefer, Khaadi or Generation?
Is there anything in Khaadi that is on your wishlist. (I have one on mine)



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