Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can Kareena In 'Desi Beats' Influence Pakistani Fashion?

Remember a few years ago when the movie Bunty& Bubli came out and everyone was obsessed with Rani Mukherjee's clothes!?? That movie had influenced Pakistani fashion in such a big way from the sleeves (cuffed quarter sleeves), shalwaar to the length of the shirts, oh and how can I forget the neck line? I specifically remember my darzi telling me that everyone was asking for the turned neck line (or whatever you call it) that Rani was seen wearing in the posters and movie itself. There have been various other Bollywood films that have influenced trends in Pakistan as well over the years.

The other day I was watching an item song Kareena and Salman did for their new movie 'Bodyguard' on YouTube and I was horrified at the clothes she was wearing. Kareena always has the most stunning make-up and clothes in all her films, but in this particular song she commits one faux pas after another.

I just couldn't help but worry if her look in 'Desi Beat's' will influence our fashion scene. Short shirts are coming back, but I hope they don't get this short. I don't even know where to begin on the colour combination of her clothes (blue,silver, pink and cream all in one outfit??:s) . Who designed her clothes? Doesn't she always hire Manish Malhotra?

Don't get me wrong she is stunning and and she wears the most breathtaking saris. One of my favourite costumes Kareena has ever worn is the black and gold lehnga she wears at the end of 'Falak pay chal'. I <3 it in a big way. I also love the blue and white one she wears in the beginning. I love the contrast they did with the yellow duppatta over it.

So what is your take on 'Desi Beats'? Are you in love with Kareena's non-fashionable moment? Are you some one who is going to be influenced by it or will you stay away from it?



  1. Yeah she looks horrible in the item song!
    Great post :D

  2. I hope the short shirts dont come back, they were kind of back with chooridar's a few months ago, but it didnt last!

  3. i agree , and i dont think people are gonna take the short shirts back
    hows gonna leave the comfy yet stylish long lengths and flowy clothing ?
    and she doesnt look good here either

  4. i have been hearing this for the last one year that shorts shirts are back...and they are still not back!! i really like theses loose and long shirts fashion right now and i hope kareena's outfits doesn't influence this trend!! rani wore patiyala shalwar in BB and not many people know it was introduced by Nomi Ansari...not some Indian designer or rani!!i dont like the song but kareena is beautiful and she is wearing pretty dresses!!

  5. Kareena's wardrobe for this was such a surprise for me! Neither the stitching nor did the color combo worked well for her!
    @benish: Patiyala shalwars encompassed everyone when I remember BB was running and majority of girls were falling for the colors and the stitching style! Kareena is beautiful, that is beyond doubt; but I believe, if she can't carry any dress properly, no one can and her dresses for this item song were quite disappointing!:S BUT everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and we truly respect yours! :)