Thursday, 6 October 2011

Review: Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara

I know I've been MIA these last few days, but I had a lot on my plate and couldn't find the time to write a new post. I've been requested to do a review on Benefits 'They're Real' mascara, and before my day actually starts I shall get on with it. 

First of all, how witty is their campaign for the mascara? Too cute!

The Good

Benefit had me captivated the moment I saw the adds. I'm a sucker for witty/gimmicky adds. (It is sheer will power that has stopped me from purchasing their 'Watts Up' highlighter. How can one resist a fairy in a light bulb?). With the hype that surrounds the 'They're Real' mascara, it should do what it claims to do, right?When I finally got it, I desperately wanted  it to be THAT good, and I wasn't disappointed. After two three coats it does lengthen my lashes more than any mascara I've tried before. 

Yesterday, I was in a rush and I wanted to take a before and after picture for this post. So on one eye I did three coats of the mascara and didn't use it on the other one. I tried to take a few pictures, but had to give up because I wasn't able take any good ones, and trust me I was in a hurry. Giving up I quickly layered a coat on the other eye and went to meet my friend for coffee. In the car I did a check up on my make-up, and I was shocked to see that my left eye lashes looked enormous and the right seemed baby size in comparison.  The difference was really obvious and I was a little embarrassed going with two different sized lashes. 

However, It made me realise how good really the mascara is. It's long lasting and even though it's not water proof, it doesn't budge. I have watery eyes and my mascara tends to smear. I don't have a problem with this mascara. This mascara doesn't clump either. Even if you put on multiple coats you won't find any clumping. It also gives a very natural finish. Even though the lashes look enormousness, it does't look like there is a lot of product on them. ( I don't know how to describe it any other words). 

The mascara has a circular end with spikes which is great for the corner of the eyes. It really gets in to those annoying corners that other mascara's just refuse to reach. Also, I love it because it doesn't get product on my eye lids when I'm applying it. (I'm not the best at applying mascara and I find that sometimes while applying I get product on my lower eye lids by mistake).


The Bad

Oh, I really wish this mascara would thicken the lashes as well. My Bourjois mascara doesn't lengthen the lashes as much 'They're Real' does, but it really thickens them, making my lashes look super dramatic. I love the sweeping long lashes 'They're Real' creates but my only complaint is that it doesn't thicken them as much as I would like. 

Final Thoughts

I do love this mascara and try to use it sparingly  because I don't want to use it up too quickly. Honestly, I get why it's so hyped. It helps create sweepingly long lashes. 

Would I repurchase it? Yes, I would. The only reason I'd get second thoughts would be because of the price ( I can buy a high end blush in the same price). It is expensive for a mascara, but then again it is a really good good one.  Perfect for hot, humid Pakistani days. Ideal for the 'no make-up, make-up look' because it accentuates ones lashes without making them look too mascara-ey. If that even makes sense. 

Price: 22$

PS.I'm sorry I'm not very good with pictures.

Have you tried it? Is this something on your wish list?



  1. nice review .. would love to try this one ..

  2. The pictures say it all. What a remarkable difference. Great review.

  3. Great review.

    I haven't tried it because I'm not a big fan of the brush. :(

  4. Thank you everyone:)

    Pyari Beauty: yes, it is not your normal mascara wand. So I can understand why you might not like it.